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Cedric La CruZz Releases New Single "Buss It"

Cedric la CruZz is a DJ and producer from the Netherlands. He is renowned for turning every club and event into an experience that is out of this world. Cedric has played well-known festivals and clubs in Europe including Ultra Europe, Electric Picnic Festival, Bloemendaal XXXL, Club Escape, Reveal and House Rockers to name a few. His big break came when he was asked to play for the Ultra Music Festival, where he performed alongside the likes of Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero, Afrojack, Avicii and Armin van Buuren. Cedric works in his studio daily, working on his upcoming music, monthly released mixes that are guaranteed to rock any dance floor to the max.

BuzzMusic is proud to release Cedric la CruZz’s brand new single, “Buss It”. This single will have you searching for the volume knob, and then shortly thereafter the nearest dance floor. The arrangement and production value of this single is absolutely top flight. The beat is captivating, the sounds are clear, the buildup is tension-filled. The drop, when it finally occurs, is an incredibly gratifying moment. This is a song that has it all, and it's quite apparent after just one listen that this is a seasoned DJ with plenty to offer his fans. With this single, there is little doubt that Cedric la CruZz is a talented DJ with many strengths, and we look forward to what the future holds for this artist.

Give a listen to "Buss It" on Spotify, and check out the artists exclusive interview below!


Hey Cedric! Thanks for catching up with us. Would you mind describing your background and how you got into music and becoming a DJ?

I started as a music producer back in 2012, around the same time when Swedish House Mafia released their hits as 'Leave the world behind you' and 'Don't you worry child'. Those songs gave me butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps on your arms. It was such a magical moment that I wanted to do the same for other people who love electronic music. One thing leads to another and a friend of mine who was organizing dance events asked me if I wanted to play as a DJ. I didn't have any experience as a DJ but wanted to know how it feels like to play for a crowd with tracks that inspire as a producer. My first time was very scary because I was afraid of making a mistake while mixing live in front of a crowd. However, I practiced a lot at home and fortunately, I gained a lot of confidence when the first few transitions went well and see people enjoy the tracks I was playing.

Your new single is called “Buss It”. This is an audio term, right? Did you have a particular meaning behind this song?

The title of 'Buss It' doesn't really have a special meaning to it. I was looking for inspiration, a catchy phrase in sample banks but wasn't able to find anything that caught my attention. 

Would you briefly describe what your creative process is like?

After looking on YouTube I saw a video of a guy walking in the streets of Jamaica shouting phrases and I liked what he said, so I downloaded the audio of that video, sliced, pitched the audio and came up with with the phrase I'm using in 'Buss It'. I immediately knew that I needed to produce a track with an energetic buildup and hard drop to make a crowd go wild!

Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

I don't really have any specific artists who influence my music these days. I can get inspired by any type of genre and a wide variety of different artists. I love listening to pop, hip-hop, dance, Trap, classical music and everything else you can think of that sounds great to me. However, if I should pick an artist who really influenced me then I would say, Avicii. I know you are not able to hear his influence in 'Buss It' but I think it was one of the best, most creative and inspiring artists of this decade.

What can we hope to see from Cedric la CruZz in the future?

You can expect new releases very soon, as I'm working on several projects at this moment. There is an awesome house/pop track which I'm sure you will love which is scheduled to release in May or June but I haven't finalized a date yet. 


Connect with Cedric la CruZz on the artists website and socials:


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