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Celebrate the Glimmering New Single, "Diamond" From Cole Phoenix

Cole Phoenix is a Brisbane based singer/songwriter who spices of her music with elements of pop, soul, electronic, and rock. Since beginning her career, Cole Phoenix was nominated for Artist of the Year in 2015 at the New Music Awards, reached the #1 spot on Top 40 Internet with her song “UFO", reached semi-finals for the International Songwriting Competition in 2018, and is now signed with Noble NoBull.

Recently Cole Phoenix released her single “Diamond” and it is completely off the charts. We felt so provoked to start dancing around and singing along to this beautiful tune. Cole’s songwriting skills really shine, the analogies and metaphors are completely spot on and work perfectly in this soundscape of an experience. We are loving the positive message of how no matter what your flaw is, you’re still a diamond and it’s something that a lot of people need to hear. “Diamond” features beautiful vocal textures, sparkly extremely polished synths, a grooving upbeat bass, a gorgeous ethereal sounding piano, dynamic high intensity but stable drums, and Cole Phoenix’s enchanting honest vocals that are perfect in every way; they have that smooth touch to them that feels like the cherry on top. This record is really pure to listen to, it radiates tons of good vibes and has something for everyone.

Listen to "Diamond" from Cole Phoenix, here.

Hello Cole Phoenix! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest single “Diamond” touches on some deep subjects but brings light and positivity to them, how do you relate to the lyrics? 

Diamond came about after some trying times - actually, the upcoming EP was all inspired by this - last year a close to death car accident, the recovery process, then multiple shocks on a physical and emotional level with relationships... ultimately the realization that although times get tough - you are tougher. Everyone faces difficult times - but everyone has more strength within them than they think they have - they really do. Adversity, pressure, can bring out our colors and our ability to rise. DIAMOND is about recognizing this. 

We are loving the sense of polish in “Diamond” (just like a diamond right?)! What was the production process like for this release? How did you come to the different sounds being used?

I wrote this song over Skype with a great collaborator Cameron Stymeist - first time actually co-writing over Skype so interesting experience but I’m sure not the last. With what the world is going through now - it is definitely a reminder of the blessings of technology when you can’t be physically working together. We both wanted DIAMOND to be a feel-good song and for the whole production to “reflect” positivity, yes like a polished Diamond so it’s great you found the song sounded just like that! 

It’s amazing to heat that you have accomplished so much already and keep pushing forward! What were your experiences in those songwriting competitions like? What kinds of things did you learn? What about when you joined Noble NoBull?

The songwriting competitions were a great way to find my voice as a songwriter - positive songs seem to resonate with my audience, positive and empowering songs. 

Your music has incredible songwriting behind it, could you talk to us about what inspires you to write a song? Are there certain things that inspire you more than others? What does your process usually look like?

Life experiences really help me craft a song. I feel the more genuine and honest - then the better a song connects to others. Heart to art - he he...Ok I’m known for punning around! Seriously though, each song in my upcoming EP was created differently so I find there’s no “one way” to go about writing songs per se. You may start steering the song but the song soon starts steering you. That’s what I love about songwriting, the exploration...uncovering deep emotions, discovering new ways of communicating those feelings and chances are that there are many other people going through the same complexities and the music becomes therapeutic not for the artist alone but the listener too, shared catharsis... With all the uncertainty we are facing right now, days can seem dark...I hope people find some solace in a song like this - DIAMOND - an anthem to endurance! 


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