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Celebrate With Karma the Artist and Her Latest Music Video for, "The Birthday Song (Remix)"

Merging beautiful introspective songwriting with soul-stirring vocals, the LA-based singer-songwriter and r&b artist Karma the Artist returns to celebrate a year around the sun with her latest remix and music video, "The Birthday Song (Remix)."

Founding and taking part in various nonprofit organizations, it's safe to say that Karma the Artist uses her platform to spread hope and support throughout the industry and lives everywhere.

With a degree in sound engineering and post-production, Karma the Artist's talent led her to share stages with acts like Joyner Lucas, Tyga, Chris Brown, and many more. Through her initial release, "The Birthday Song," Karma the Artist offers more of a nostalgic and melodic approach, whereas her recent remix gets us up and moving on the dancefloor.

Accompanying the remix is a refreshing music video featuring Karma the Artist and her closest friends, grooving and celebrating another milestone.

Listening to her latest release, "The Birthday Song (Remix)," Karma the Artist opens the track with her witty and rhythmic lyrics, celebrating her birthday without a care in the world. The production is incredibly groovy and melodic, soaking our speakers with savory r&b elements. The song's brilliant vocal layering offers an immensely warm space and atmosphere, almost pushing listeners on their feet.

Peaking at the remix's music video, Karma the Artist and her friends join hands on the beach at sunset while basking in the wind and grooving to the song's catchy hook and rhythm. The video's shots of Karma the Artist and her friends sharing dinner and gifts truly make us miss our social celebrations. Reaching the video's end, Karma the Artist shouts out her fellow Aquarians and reminds them of their power.

Celebrate with Karma the Artist and her latest hit, "The Birthday Song (Remix)," and don't forget to catch the sunset vibes with the accompanying music video.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic, Karma, we're delighted to chat with you about your latest remix and music video for "The Birthday Song (Remix)." What inspired you to create a remix to your original song?

Well, the original song was actually my first commercially released stumble across platforms and did really well. I also got to take it on tour opening for Joyner Lucas. So I wanted to celebrate its success while breathing new life into the purpose of the song which is to promote the celebration of life every day and year. I also wanted to showcase my growth in sound and maturity in one song and I think this was it!

Did you work with any producers when finding the sound and style for the remix of "The Birthday Song?" Would you say that you have a favorite version?

Yes, I worked with an amazing producer named David Je who I think understood my sound and sonic in a way I have never experienced before. We collaborated on finding the right sounds for the instrumental and along with my brother and A&R Jon “The Cobra” Crosby giving creative input we came out with something magical. But I don’t know if I have a favorite as they both highlight a different turning point in my life and career. Don’t make me choose.

What was the shoot like for your music video, "The Birthday Song (Remix)?" Did you direct the video yourself?

The shoot for "The Birthday Song (Remix)" was so fun and amazing. I got to see all of my friends and favorite new crew, the beach (finally) and stayed in an amazing hotel right off the water. We also had a private chef, Timothy Baker, serve the seafood tacos featured in the clips. I was able to produce the overall treatment under the great direction of Elizabeth Sims who captured all the fun we had together in an organic way that left me feeling beautiful, professional, and fully present like never before!

With a steady increase in fans over the past year, how are you and your music evolving to keep your audience engaged and entertained?

As I grow, so do my audience and direction and I’m grateful for that marriage. It allows me to focus on finding the strength in my voice and gifts while curating a sound that reflects my current energy and call to music and entertainment. I hope they’re enjoying my evolution and growth over the years because it’s their support and encouragement to keep going that help me stay focused no matter what!

What's next for you?

Next is everything I’ve been manifesting including spreading the word on my causes on a global scale, sharing the stage with more major acts as I become one myself finally, and releasing some great music including “Love Again” currently featured as the Talent Tap In competition winner via Clubhouse App. And then the EP!



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