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Celeste Scott Sings a Necessary Message in, "Hate My Friends"

Based in Los Angeles, California, the Pop-Punk artist and Singer-Songwriter Celeste Scott releases a spiteful and energetic single entitled "Hate My Friends."

Quickly creating a unique genre all to herself, Celeste Scott leaves her audience captivated with her unique blend of pop, punk, and an overall urban feel. Writing and honing in her craft for over ten years has led Celeste Scott to collaborate with some of the top LA-based producers while she continues to evolve and define her brand.

Now releasing her lively and conceptual tune, "Hate My Friends," Celeste Scott offers a necessary message to anyone who feels a need to change their personality when meeting new faces. Overtop of a vibrant and punchy alt-rock atmosphere, Celeste Scott offers a brilliant performance while speaking her powerful truth.

Listening to "Hate My Friends," the track opens with a punchy rhythm guitar and a quick pop drumbeat that sets the song's foot-stomping vibe. As a more aggressive drumbeat begins pouring through our speakers, Celeste Scott picks up the energy and jumps into the pre-chorus, where she explains her hatred for friends who talk like their intoxicated, leaving Scott to clean up their mess.

We adore Celeste Scott's energy and wit within this piece, as it perfectly explains her lyrical message while spicing it up with her innate poise and charisma. Not to mention the song's overall anthemic and high-energy feel, we couldn't have asked for something more conceptual and powerful that reminds listeners to stay true to themselves.

Take a break from society's noise with help from Celeste Scott's latest single, "Hate My Friends," available on all digital streaming platforms.

We highly appreciate such an honest yet vibrant tune like "Hate My Friends." What inspired you to create a song that touches on your friends and their many facades?

"Hate my Friends" was inspired by the reaction of my friends and their criticisms pertaining to me chasing my dreams in the music industry. Everybody has that one friend who gets a little too drunk and then comes the all the conversation they really wanted to say. In this particular case, the phrasing is “ I hate my friends who be talking like they're wasted” Which is referring to them talking like they're drunk even though they’re really sober.

Did you work solo on your songwriting process for "Hate My Friends"? What was the main message you wanted to get across with your lyricism?

For my songwriting process, the idea was just my Fender guitar and I. The song actually came pretty fast, a day of being fed up with all of the friends that were secretly hating but were supposed to be my friends. The Production was created with one of my favorite Producers /VocalProducers Davix Foreman. He took my song idea and we created a fusion of genres which consists of pop, urban, punk. I thought this song could use some grittiness and edge so I called up my friend J Rand (who is also one of my favorite producers) to add some guitars and bass. I really wanted that live band feels so I hit up my friend from New York, Matt Gumley to play live drums. And that’s how it all came together, making music with a bunch of my friends who I obviously don’t hate who are insanely talented.

The message behind the song is just not putting up with anything that doesn’t serve you, setting boundaries, not staying quiet about how you feel about it, and talking a little shit along the way.

Why did you choose to create such an anthemic and powerful instrumental arrangement for "Hate My Friends"? Do you feel that this energetic tone enhances your lyrical message?

I chose to make an anthemic song because I really wanted to relay the message that you don’t have to keep what you’re feeling inside you, and it’s OK to let it out. In order to do that it definitely needed to be high energy, loud, and heard! My vocals definitely set the tone for the lyrical message to be interpreted in a way that has a bit of a shock factor which I really love, it’s meant to be an attention grabber.

Do you normally release such conceptual and powerful tunes like "Hate My Friends"? Should we expect more high-energy and anthemic tracks like this in the future?

Pretty much all my songs are high-energy. I’m all about a good time and I want my audience to have that good time with me along the journey. You will definitely be expecting more of the “turn up” coming very soon!

What's next for you?

Next for me is the 2nd single called “Otherside”, the visual, an EP, and then some new material after that.


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