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CENTRE Releases New Single, "Heartbeat"

Indiana-based Pop-Rock outfit CENTRE just released a new single entitled "Heartbeat" and it really swarms around your brain giving off an almost vintage alternative pop vibe.

The song bursts into its rocked out chorus and makes you want to stand up and get your fists in the air. This is reminiscent of a song you'd want to show to your high school crush. One of the nice touches about this song is it's saxophone solos. Yes, you read that right. In place of guitars, these guys laid in a damn solid sax solo pushing the envelope even more towards that youthful vintage early 1990's feel. But guess what. It works oh so well.

The song is heartfelt and genuine. "Heartbeat" seems like something you wanna hear as a teenager lighting up a cigarette and driving over to your significant other's house to hang out. Very very well done and air-wave worthy.

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