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Cenzina’s Captivating Vocals In “Airplane Mode” Will Hypnotize You

Cenzina is an emerging Vancouver based artist & singer/songwriter delivering powerful smokey vocals to intimate lyrics and songwriting. Her alternative melodic style is inspired by a range of genres from Jhene Aiko's poetic storytelling and Neo-Soul/ R&B vibes, to alternative indie bands such as M83 and The Shins, to classics like The Beatles.

Cenzina's new single “Airplane Mode” instantly caught my immediate attention because Cenzina has such a unique and beautiful voice. I really do personally enjoy listening to special, atypical singing voices that can be distinguished from a crowd of singers. I’ve never heard Cenzina’s voice before and I was slightly distracted by the chilling and riveting sound her vocals produced yet I became abducted into the song and hypnotized by the aesthetic of “Airplane Mode”. Her strategic lyricism, and detailed backtrack instrumental sets an atmosphere highly unique to past songs i’ve listened too. “Airplane Mode” gives me the romanticism within the substantial lyrics, metaphorically providing a nomadic feeling. The meaning behind the song may not be apparent on the surface, however it’s nice to sometimes think about the song on a different plane, and attempt to decipher the meaning behind it. Cenzina is an intellectual artist who I think has a bright future in the industry.

Listen to “Airplane Mode” here and get to know Cenzina in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Cenzina, I’m a singer/ songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, playing classical piano and writing music since I was young. Emoting through poetry and music has always been a way for me to express myself. Even after I quit lessons in my adolescence I continued to write, make music and play by ear. I picked up the guitar while backpacking in New Zealand and fell in love with it there. Shortly after returning home to the suburbs in Ontario I’d packed up again and headed to B.C., where my music really took off. After playing for some friends at a party I was invited to open for a friend and artist Somethin’ Like That’s EP release tour. On his tour I met artist and producer Teon Gibbs who reached out and went on to record and co produce my first single and then EP Atmosphere. That’s where it really all started.

How’s the music scene in Vancouver? Ever wanted to travel anywhere else? If so where and why?

The Vancouver music scene is quickly growing! There is a lot of talent in this city, tons of great venues and many opportunities for artists to network and perform. Toronto is next on my radar! Last year I was so busy working on my EP I didn’t get a chance to visit home. I’ve actually never done a show there! I will head back this year and do few shows in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), maybe a do little Canada wide tour, we’ll see! Travelling is a big love of mine so over the next couple years I’ll definitely be making plans to travel on a bigger scale. I’d like to spend some time in the States (L.A. and N.Y. are top of the list of course), Mexico, The UK , and I’d love to go back and spend a few months touring and writing in New Zealand. That country is just so stunning.

Who are some of your favorite artists today?

Jhene Aiko is a huge influence of mine. I love how beautiful her vocals and melodies are. Her songwriting is honest and lyrically poetic; she’s a born storyteller. I’m also a huge Beatles fan. There’s something really special about that era, their message, and the music that came of it. Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit is another on my frequently played list. Some other favourites of mine include alternative bands like Alt-J and The Shins, female power houses like Kehlani, Lana Del Ray, SZA, Jesse Reyez, and of course some Hip Hop. What is Hip Hop right now without some Kendrick, and little Kid Cudi?

What’s the meaning behind “Airplane Mode”?

Airplane mode is a dreamy interlude following a busy year of creation and production of a rather raw and heart filled EP Atmosphere. Airplane Mode takes off on a chill tone, highlighting the need to disconnect from the distractions and noise of apps, technology and shallow social environments, seeking space for whatever feels authentic and free. For me, that place is usually writing or singing. It’s about knowing yourself, staying on your own wavelength, and being able to roll with whatever life give’s you rather than swim against the waves.

What are some challenges you sometimes face in producing a song?

I personally love recording and the process involved in turning raw, acoustic songs into full tracks, hiccups and all. However there are definitely some challenges involved in producing music. These include time and money crunches involved with studio time and collaborating with other artists. Musician’s tend to have busy schedules (and be all over the place) which can make it a challenge to sync up when there’s multiple people involved. Another challenge, the biggest really, is knowing when it’s “done”. When you are working on a piece of music it is always evolving. Knowing when a song or album has reached its final evolution is an art in and of itself.

If you can visualize a video to “Airplane Mode” what would you envision? Any plans to release a music video?

A music video for Airplane Mode is in the works! It will be simple and dreamy just like the song. I won’t say more than that - you’ll have to stay posted for that one!


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