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Chace Finds His Own Ways To Cope In A New Music Video For, "Up 2 You"

Los Angeles-based r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Chace makes the most of a breakup through his latest music video, "Up 2 You."

Chace has always possessed the ability to elevate his craft through poetic storytelling and broadening his creative horizons. Each song he creates speaks to authentic life experiences, from following your dreams to crashing into the arms of heartbreak. His smooth and melodic vocals overtop of easy-going beats always make for a refreshing listening experience.

The LA-based recording artist recently released his conceptual music video for his recent single, "Up 2 You," which is actually the continuation of the storyline laid out in his 2020 hit, "Wreckless." The new music video features that familiar bloodied shirt and ripped polaroid picture of his ex, but Chace seems to be coping with the distance in his own way now.

Diving into the new music video for "Up 2 You," the scene opens with distorted shots of Chace in his bloody shirt with the polaroid picture, stumbling back to his pad after a night out. As he begins expanding on wishing to be by someone's side and wanting to kick it with them, Chace halts the story when giving himself a reality check in the mirror, reminding himself that if she really loved him, she would be there.

The music video's second half picks up the newfound freedom and independence that comes with being single, where Chace goes out and finds a girl to spend the night with. But, when all is said and done, Chace knows the one place he'd rather be is passing out beside the one he loves.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chace. We're impressed with the dynamic concept you've brought to your new music video for "Up 2 You." Could you give us a rundown of what happened in "Wrecklyss" and how the story continues in the new music video?

I’m honestly so grateful for the compliment on Up 2 You. I truly wanted to switch it up this time around as far as the way we shot it. I didn't want to go too cinematic-like we did for Wrecklyss. Wrecklyss truly had to hit the viewer because I had to try and communicate what I really went through. I honestly wasn't even acting in Wrecklyss because I really was depressed and lost after going through everything so my aim to relive that was actually easy.

What inspired you to write the song "Up 2 You"? What was that songwriting process like?

Funny enough I didn't write for Up 2 You. It was all a freestyle. That's very rare that I go about making a song that way. My writing process is very different. I hardly write a song on the spot. I like to go in my room and I actually don't play the track while I’m writing. I like to write the song in sections and play the beat here and there through my writing process. There are days where I can’t even come up with anything but Up 2 You was really easy which is really weird because I have hardly ever made a song on the spot like that. I made that song in just a couple of hours.

Did you work with any producers or directors when creating the music video for "Up 2 You"?

I did and it was funny because I had just met the director a couple back in Miami and his name is Zae G. I literally called him the day after we recorded the song and sure enough him being so amazing he came through for me and shot the video for Up 2 You.

What was your experience shooting the video?

It was very interesting because we didn't really plan too well. I had no time to prepare mentally or anything. By the grace of God, I was able to get a haircut mid-video. Without a haircut, I wouldn't have been feeling myself and I would have been less confident in all honesty

What do you want viewers to take away after watching the "Up 2 You" music video? Did you want the video to encourage viewers not to stay isolated and miserable after a breakup?

Honestly, my message is simple and it’s this. Be as honest as you can possibly with the person that you want to be with especially when there are feelings and emotions involved. However, after you do that and you get nowhere don't really sit around too long in a sulk because that can morph into depression and time lost when that person is living it up. Give the Ultimatum. That is perfectly fine. At least you were truthful. Life is about ups and downs but don't give anyone the power to toy with you especially if young you and got it.


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