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Chace Showcases His Artistry and Vibe Through His New Single "Badmon Nite"

Chace is undeniably making a break in the music industry! This aspiring rapper and singer has the skill, pen game, and delivery to become a young legend in the making. His talent has gained him quite the recognition as he was personally selected to perform and participate in various showcases, most notably with the well-known music entity Coast2Coast alongside opening up for a few local artists. Chace is a well-diverse artist and it’s something he prides himself on. His ability to switch his styles and create any type of song virtually is appealing and crucial to success! In the overcrowded music industry, Chace manages to stand out from the rest.

Want to know what Chace is up to currently? Chace currently promoting his latest single “Badmon Nite”. “Badmon Nite” is a blend of rap, reggae, and dance making it a total club hit! “Badmon Nite” is building a huge momentum for Chace and receiving spins in various Chicago nightclubs. We were so happy to hear that Chace completed and released a dope video to “Badmon Nite” that can be found on YouTube! With 2019 in his back pocket, Chace can surely reach great heights of success and transform his career from underground to mainstream! We exited to see and hear Chace grow as an artist in 2020, we'll be on the watch for what's next!

Listen to “Badmon Nite” by Chace here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chace! How was it growing up? Growing up in the Chicago area was cool I came from humble beginnings. In what ways were you influenced by your environment/background?

My background influenced me to work hard to be open-minded and most importantly to be your own individual. My environment taught me only the strong survive and you have to make good choices and decisions.

Tell us about your single “Badmon Nite”. What was the meaning behind this song?

The meaning behind the song was to try to paint a picture of the sexual chemistry between a man and a woman in a club setting.

What inspired you to write and create “Badmon Nite”? I was inspired by wanting to create a song that could be a commercial success. How were you able to personally relate to the song?

I personally related to the song because as a man I have had those kinds of experiences and interactions at times out in the nightlife.

What would you consider the most challenging aspect of making “Badmon Nite” and why?

The most challenging thing was to find an engineer who could give the song the proper mix and sound. In what ways were you able to overcome the obstacle? I was put in touch with a legendary Chicago engineer through a Chicago DJ that I have a good relationship with.

Did you experiment with any new elements when creating “Badmon Nite”?

Yes I did experiment with new elements creating Badmon Nite. Mind explaining? I experimented by trying to create a reggae feel type of rap song speeding up my flow and by collaborating with a Reggae artist that I really didn't know.

What’s next for you Chace?

The next thing for me is to create and release new music.


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