Chad Price Feels The "Weight" Of Distant Love

Painstakingly carving a career in the music industry for the last decade is a singer-songwriter and respected pop/r&b recording artist Chad Price, who recently released his passionate new tune, "Weight."

From what started as a bashful singer-songwriter to an acclaimed and versatile recording artist, Chad Price's career has been nothing short of successful. Not only has he landed multiple sync placements (MTV, MUCH, TSN), but he's toured around the world and shared the stage/worked with names like Ben Harper, Loud Luxury, Walk Off The Earth, The National, Half Moon Run, and many more.

In his latest venture, Chad Price dissects the life of a touring artist while missing his lover back home with a sweet new single, "Weight." This song perfectly displays Price's harmonious and lush r&b sounds merged with the spacey and glimmering feel of modern pop. If you're in need of a soulful serenade, don't miss out on what Chad Price has to offer in this new release.

Diving into the recent single, "Weight," we splash into the warm waters Chad Price's soothing and tender vocals alongside heavy sub-bass, soft keyboard melodies, and an undeniably groovy drum arrangement. Listening to Price's sweet vocals, he expands on someone special waiting for him back home when he's on the road. This song is genuinely the perfect modern-day ballad, and Chad Price does an excellent job of portraying such challenging and emotional situations.

Although Price keeps the passion alive through his stunning vocal performance, the track offers this deep and dark undertone that haunts the speakers with an inner sense of reflection and anticipation. As Price takes us towards the song's outro, he makes it clear that the only thing on his mind is getting back home and making things right.

Experience passion and genuine emotion like you never have before with Chad Price's latest single, "Weight," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chad Price. We're head over heels for the tender and passionate ballad you've released with "Weight." Were you inspired to write this song when on tour and away from someone special? What was that experience like?

Thanks for having me, and I'm glad you dig the new song! The short answer to your question is, no...not really. The whole lyrical scenario that plays out in the song is more of a figment of my imagination. I actually couldn't tour when this song was written due to the state of the world, so me and my co-writer/producer Matthew Johnston just spun a whole fictional narrative. The song is pure fantasy. For me, limiting my writing to only the things I've experienced first-hand is pretty boring.

Your lyrics in "Weight" sound like they're straight out of a diary. Was it easy to transform your emotional thoughts into lyrics during this songwriting process?

I'm glad that it feels like the words are right out of a diary. That was the make them feel deeply personal and intimate. They feel like a conversation that should only be had between two people. It was cool to go there, but it was easier to go there knowing that it was based on fiction and had no connection to any real-life person. I just wanted to make a grittier, sexier song than anything I've made in the past and to show a little more creative and lyrical range. I pushed myself on this one.

Did you produce the soothing and deep sonics for "Weight"? What sort of vibe and feel did you want the song's production to give off

An amazing producer and creative visionary named Matthew Johnston produced this one. We were going for something dark and gritty. That's why you hear that ominous Moog Prodigy throughout the song and the distorted electric guitar in the verses. My past music has typically been a little smoother than this, so we were going for a new angle...something a little more 'offensive,' if you will. Matthew played many of the instruments on "Weight" (synth, piano, bass, drums). We also had one of the best guitarists in the business, TJ Whitelaw, come in and lay down some incredible guitar.

On a more personal note, why do you think your career has been so successful? What does your music capture that sets it apart from other artistic creations?

Any success I've had thus far can be credited to a whole host of friends, family, collaborators, and colleagues who believe in me and my music and who have helped me gain ground in the music industry inch by inch over many years. I've also been at this at a professional level for a decade now, so I've endured a lot of failures, recalibration, and second efforts to learn how to do things right and how things work in this field. I have no idea what sets it apart as far as my music, and I don't think that's for me to decide or worry about. I'm just trying to make the best music that will hopefully resonate with the most significant number of people possible.