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Chad Tepper Livens Our Days With His Anthemic Release, "I Wanna Be Your High (feat. DREAMERS)"

Los Angeles-based Influencer and Artist Chad Tepper teams up with trio DREAMERS for the release of their exhilarating single "I Wanna Be Your High (feat. DREAMERS)."

Originally from Orlando, FL, Chad Tepper has seen extensive growth within his music career over the past five years. Having moved to Los Angeles in 2015, there was no stopping Tepper as he'd soon go from homelessness to over 5M followers on all social media platforms.

After writing alongside artists like Mod Sun, Lil Xan, Sean Kingston, DREAMERS, Cheat Codes and DeathbyRomy, Chad Tepper demonstrates vast talent and dedication to his craft.

With his latest single, "I Wanna Be Your High (feat. DREAMERS)," we hear an incredibly tight Alternative-Rock anthem that leaves the listener feeling nothing but exhilarating. While Chad Tepper and DREAMERS push the song with desirous and playful lyricism, we love the energy and heart that they've infused into this powerhouse single.

Listening to "I Wanna Be Your High (feat. DREAMERS)," the track opens with a blistering electric guitar whaling in the foreground, while a punchy rhythm guitar and sweet bass licks lay in the background. Once Chad Tepper makes his vocal appearance, he begins singing of the many regrets he's lived while wishing to be someone's sweet escape.

The instrumentals are incredibly tight and energetic, as DREAMERS and Chad Tepper have fueled this song with expansive sounds that settle in the heart of exciting Alt-Rock. Indeed a dynamic track with help from the heavy instrumental breakdowns and transitions, we can feel this overall sense of life and belonging after experiencing this punchy single.

Chad Tepper and DREAMERS have our heads bopping with the release of their anthemic hit, "I Wanna Be Your High (feat. DREAMERS)," and we're highly anticipating more punchy and exciting tracks from Tepper himself in the near future.



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