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Chainge Picasso Lyrically Smashed His Record “Chainge”

Chainge Picasso has already made groundbreaking moves with his camera work but they call him Picasso for being a creator. He’s been involved in music since he was the tender grade of 6, playing the saxophone. Born to a hardworking single mother, he always had to work to prove himself. Whether it was DJing, Photography, or music production, Chainge Picasso flourishes in simply creating art.

Chainge Picasso released his single titled called “Chainge”, the background beat has a melodic and story-like vibe that reminded me of beats from major lyricists like Jcole, Kendrick, Chance The Rapper, etc. Chainge’s vocals and bars are poetically inversive which makes him a lyrical MC instead of delivering an energetic, trap song. “Chainge” will be categorized in the plethora of consciously woke rap music with substantial rap lyrics. However, the record still presents the hype energy needed to make the song a bop. “Chainge” is an inevitable hit in my eyes and it’s bringing back a missing factor in today’s rap! In my opinion, rap music is at its peak right now with a clouded mix of multiple genres, genders, and styles. However, the lyrical geniuses and meaningful hip-hop records are essentially at its low and there’s room for artists like Chainge Picasso who can find the perfect blend between the two. Chainge Picasso knows how to songwrite due to his background in creating art. He has the ear for music and it’s reflected in his record “Chainge”. This is a great song to add to your vibe playlists from a masterful lyricist who knows how to make his sound presentable and digestible to all ends of the rap spectrum!

Listen to "Chainge" here.

Chainge Picasso! It's great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

​I would take up the whole interview talking about myself lol. The crazy part is most people in the world rather you hate yourself than to love yourself. I didn't learn that until a few years ago. But I'm just guy thats been proving people wrong my whole life. The Dr even told my mother she couldn't have kids so I've basically been proving people wrong since the day i was born. I grew up on the coastal area of NC. I got in to music through school and the middle school band and that evolved into what we have today. I've been a music artist since 13 years old, a DJ since 16 years old, and a photographer/cinematographer since i was 21 years old. I'm 30 now so yea its been a very long grind to get to this level.

How has your upbringing with musical instruments benefit your style and sound today?

Well honestly by getting into band in the 6th grade by the time i was seriously rapping i had already skipped a few "classes" such as finding a flow/cadence, or know how to count a beat or understand bpm's. Band was advance placement calculus when you think about it lol. I'm a nerd too, sorry not sorry!

Who are some of your musical influences that have helped shape your career in music and whereyou are today?

Well that depends on the layer of it. Looking back now i could say my older cousin who was like a brother to me started my interest because he introduced me to music in general. The first time i heard of the word "freestyle" was him telling my mom he could "freestyle about anything" and started rhyming about the orange he saw on the table. I was immediately fascinated. You see, back then i was still young, like around 6 or 7 so my mom was NOT letting me listen to rap or r&b. She was heavy in church and she had me right along with her lol. But if you're talking about industry wise then i would definitely have to give it to Lil Wayne. Wayne changed my life and made start the journey of getting into the industry. It was the way he could play off of words and rhyme words you didn't even know could rhyme. He show the limitless possibilities to the art of rhythm and flow. I remember after the Carter 1 came out everyone grew dreads and became gang members and even got all the tats like he would have. I was big Wayne fan you could not tell me nothing different. Still to this day too lol the Carter 5 is still on the playlist. Love your new track!

Can you tell us about the creation process of "Chainge"?

Yes well for the first decade of my music career I was performing and DJ'ing under the moniker G$Money Da General. I mean it was fun while it while it was fun but it just didn't fit to who I became in my adult life. By the time was 26 I had a kid and a girlfriend that I expect to spend my whole life with so the music that I was known for I couldn't let my daughter listen and honestly it just wasn't in my heart and started to be against my moral. I took 2 years off from music, not completely because i wrote music everyday, but publicly. I stopped DJ'ing for people (I only spin in my private loud room at home) and i went on a self-discovering journey through life. On that journey I realized that people are influenced, or for sake of people's feelings, inspired (staying politically correct) by my ambition, my work ethic, and my perseverance. They would either "start rapping" or they would finally go after the dream they been having their whole life but never had their will spark. Another thing i found was that my music subject began to change. The music became more personable to who i became. I was a work horse and i learn that you can achieve anything you set your eyes on if you go do it. The music i made started to manifest in my life; change! I simply put the letter "i" in the middle of the word partly inspired by the Strainge family. Their story was one that i studied in my upbringing in hip-hop and if you don't who they are then you should do your homework but the father has been behind artist from drake to maroon 5 so yeah. But the main reason was that I put the "i" in change. Whether its through inspiration or manifestation I truly believe I bring "Change" hence the name of my brand and song "Chainge". Picasso is just because I have such a wide body of artistic ability.

What’s next for you through 2019?

What's next? Man honestly just never stopping. The thing that held me back the most is being unsure of myself and if it really counted at what i was doing. Instead i just go balls to the wall so-to-speak. Nothing can stop me now and nothing will. Life is full of ups and downs but you have to keep marching. So again, what's next? Bigger and better everything. I'm going until I can't go any more!​


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