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Change Is Changing The Game Up With “Believe Me Now”

Music fans know far too well that underground is where the magic happens. The greatest music that has ever been created tends to come from those artists we know little to nothing about. Emerging all the way from the decatur scene in Georgia, Change is the newest band to replicate the true raw meaning of underground rap music.

Change released their single titled “Believe Me Now” and we were already hype by the instance we heard this record. If you watched the video Change released to this single, they showcased glamorous jewelry, nice cars, and fresh attire. Keeping their entire rap appeal in tact. The song had a slapping bass that was abundantly fitting for the track. What I like about this single is how it’s an obvious club banger. I can picture many people dancing and enjoying a night out to this boosted hit due to the energy that’s present. The bars were witty and catchy with a flow that’s memorable. Another cool element to “Believe Me Now” was the arrangement. Their different styles were able to fuse and blend together well, while also keeping an individual sound intact. “Believe Me Now” has all the mainstream qualities to create a progressive and longevity success. “Believe Me Now” contributes to the current sound that’s popular in the industry but it doesn’t shy away from being its own record. There’s not many popular rap groups in the industry right now which makes room for Change to coincidentally--Change the industrial standards of the rap game.

Listen to Change's "Believe Me" here, and keep reading for the artists personalized interview below!

How is the music scene in Atlanta? Did it impact your style in any way?

The music scene in Atlanta is watered down with so many artist that sound the same and to be honest, most of them have no type of original bars or wordplay in there songs. 

Tell us about “Believe me now” and the theme of the song?

Believe Me Now I focused more on the he say she say and I am starting to show people/haters they should have joined the wave.

What were some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Believe Me Now” ?

The main challenge I had with "Believe Me Now' is just sometimes I tend to overthink and worry about other people before myself.

What inspired you to create music?

My inspiration for music is the whole lifestyle of it. When that beat comes on and you have no choice but to bob your head, when youre performing and your fans are singing along side with you, and If my messages can reach even one ear then I did good.

What’s next for you through 2019?

To keep moving forward and take over. If you don't hear me you will see me.


Catch up with Change via the artists Instagram!


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