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Channel your Inner Nomad and Explore Peace with Jessie Tylre Williams New Single “Breathe"

Hailing from Manitoba, Canada comes a gypsy songstress who aims to heal the world around her with one song at a time. Her name is Jessie Tylre Williams. Jessie's purpose? She wants her listeners to remember to take on challenges day by day, and she's evoking this message with her new effortless single "Breathe." Jessie Tylre Williams is giving listeners the vision of life and reminding us to enjoy and cherish the moment. Jessie Tylre Williams has accomplished great accolades for herself thus far with awards that include Nashville's TCMA Most Outstanding Showcase Entertainer of the Year and Most Promising Female Artist of the Year. Not only is Jessie Tylre Williams, an incredible musical artist, but she also devotes a passion for supporting military veterans with PTSD and awareness. Jessie Tylre Williams' sound is similar to Tanya Tucker, Stevie Nicks, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Jessie Tylre Williams immediately soothes her listener with the riveting and delicate instrumentation from an acoustic guitar. Starting "Breathe" out with a beautiful chord, you hear an abrupt pause in the song, perfect for a dramatic effect before the bashful drums kicks in. This elevating instrumentation continues to bring new levels of excitement to every corner of the song. She is creating a highly enjoyable journey for the listener. The lyricism in "Breathe," directly reflects the personality of Jessie Tylre Williams. This hopeful, unproblematic, and motivating gentle touch she exudes through her music is mirrored with the joyful lyrics. "Time won't wait for you, just breathe." "Picasso took away my soul, left me here with an empty hole." The romantic metaphors help cultivate the story Jessie Tylre Williams is seeking to tell. "Breathe" is the perfect song to listen to when you tend to get stressed over little things in life.

It's a soft reminder to let the stress go and focus on the moment you're living in. Jessie Tylre Williams delivers this message with her soulful and western vocal tone. Jessie Tylre Williams finds a great balance between the soft and powerful vocal touches. "Breathe" was an all-around relaxing song that'll open your mind up to the realities of life! Enjoy the moment, let the stress go, and just breathe.

You exude a nomadic and free-spirited aura in your music that we find to be super calming. In what particular ways do you feel you best ensured this atmosphere with “Breathe?"

I think because of the intonation, music, and lyrics, it just naturally became that environment for the listener. I think as an artist you always hope that you can deliver the message to the listeners that you intended. In this case, it was really important for me to help the listener deal with daily life….just breathe baby….we got you! 

Every song has it's 'why'. We would like to know the why behind “Breathe?"

The initial why was I had about 30 minutes to write something, the end result was life doesn’t always work out the way we plan it to, and sometimes the end result really sucks for us! When things get crazy and you feel like your losing control, just take one second and stop, breathe, then breathe again, and then again and repeat! 

What inspired you to create this song and in what ways do your personal life experiences parallel with its lyrics?

Time doesn’t stop for any of us….it doesn’t wait for us either, we only have this moment and what we choose to do with it is up to us.   I have made A LOT of mistakes in my life, however, I don’t dwell on them anymore, and its because I take time every day to be thankful for what I have and where I am at and its because I do take the time to slow myself down using the “Breathe” technique through meditation. I think with everything that is going on globally it almost forced us to stop and just breathe.

Let’s talk about the instrumentation, the rhythmic drums correlate well with the melodic guitar chords. What was the direction you were seeking when it came to the production of “Breathe?"

It was pretty magical when we cut this song in the studio.  It took me about 10 minutes to write the song and then about 3 hours until what you are hearing now. I was so fortunate to be sitting in a room with very talented musicians and producers. It was such a cool flow of energy that day in the studio and it was all happening so naturally and melodically that it really was a special kind of magic that day. Sometimes it took me about 10 minutes to write the song and then about 3 hours until what you are hearing now. to write a song and other times, like this time, it just happens.

In what ways have your various well-earned awards motivated you to elevate your sound and career? 

The awards are incredible and they remind me of how hard I have had to work to get to where I am today. They remind me that no matter where you come from and no matter what you think or have been conditioned to think, you CAN do this and don’t ever give up on your dreams because they really do come true!

You did an amazing job with this single “Breathe” and we’re looking forward to more releases. Can you hint to us what we can expect next from you?

I’ve got a few things up my sleeve (laughing), no but really what I want is for my music to resonate with the listeners, helping them through each moment and I think if I stay authentic to myself I will be able to deliver that message to my audience, building better music each time I step out the gates. I think with this next single person will get a better inside look at me and get a better picture of where I am going musically.


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