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Charles Grace Treats Fans with Heartfelt Acoustic Track “The Wreckage”

Currently residing in Orange County, California, Charles Grace has just released acoustic single "The Wreckage." As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, he is preparing to release his first album "The Wreckage." After listening to his music, fans will agree that music lives inside Charles – his talent seems effortless. Charles Grace gave his fans a sneak peek when he released a single from his upcoming album, which is named after the album 'The Wreckage.'

In the beginning of the song, Charles Grace showcases delicate fingers on his acoustic guitar. He plucks a romanticized melody that makes up the background of "The Wreckage." The subtle back track allows for Charles Grace to take the vocal spotlight. His relaxed yet passionate vocals and thoughtful lyrics are the combinations that any acoustic song thrives on. He decided to feature the talent of another vocalist Tavia later on in "The Wreckage." Tavia and Charles' vocals will make the listener wonder if they were born to sing duets together. Tavia's voice is soft and flowing, which compliments Charles's deeper voice. They harmonize as if they are beating the same drum inside their souls.

Their combined sound is sure to send chills down your spine. As a cherry on top, Charles Grace equals his vocal talents with his songwriting. The lyrics of "The Wreckage" could be perceived with many meanings; he includes thought-provoking phrases such as "fear tells the truth." For lovers of acoustic songs with authentic lyrics to pull on heartstrings – Charles Grace has brought them "The Wreckage."


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