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Charlotte Enegren’s Offers An Authentic Glimpse Of Pop Expression In “Off-Kilter”

Born in Stockholm and seasoned by life in Brussels, London, and Paris, we enter the enchanting world of Charlotte Enegren, the Swedish singer-songwriter whose musical journey spans the eclectic landscapes of blues, soul, funk, and pop.

Charlotte's influences have shaped her distinctive sound from Joss Stone to Prince. After delving into Social Anthropology in London, she immersed herself in the Parisian jazz scene, refining her craft before returning to London for a Master's in Popular Music at Goldsmiths.

Charlotte's music is a vibrant blend of soulful pop with jazz and blues undertones, a unique concoction that finds its latest expression in the introspective single "Off-kilter." Her vocals emerge as a delicate yet powerful force, inviting listeners into her world with an authenticity that is both minimalistic and classic.

The song ventures into uncharted territory, offering a refreshing take on pop that captures the essence of genuine expression as this track takes us on a journey through the peaks and valleys of self-doubt, delivering a melodic and rhythmic exploration of the human experience.

The mélange of pop and R&B is brought to life through piano melodies, delicate electric guitar licks, and a rhythm-focused electronic production that adds a contemporary edge to the classic sounds. But the true genius lies in her musical compositions and Charlotte's storytelling prowess, painting vivid imagery that aligns seamlessly with her melodic masterpieces.

As she shines bright and sparkles on the mic, Charlotte Enegren establishes herself as a storyteller of emotions, a musical craftsman pushing the boundaries of the pop genre. "Off-kilter" offers an intimate exploration of the human psyche, a testament to Charlotte's ability to infuse depth and sincerity into her music, leaving listeners enchanted and craving more.

Listen to "Off-kilter" on all streaming platforms today.

We adore how "Off-kilter" brilliantly blends several genres with undertones that emanate your true sound. How do you approach merging these sounds, and what do you feel each contributes to the emotional narrative of your music?

Thank you so much for having me, BUZZ! Since I take inspiration from many different kinds of music, it feels second nature to me to blend various musical styles together when I’m composing a song. However, I think there is always a soulful undertone which is possibly the common thread which ties my different songs together, whether they are more acoustic or electronic. I had the pleasure of working with my friend and producer Slow Shudder again on this release, and she really helped me bring the arrangement to life through the various rhythmic textures and sonic colors she weaves throughout the track. My friend Ulysses Wells also contributed some subtle guitar licks which add a bluesy feel. It was important that all the sonic elements really complemented the personal tone of the lyrics and the vocals. 

Your musical journey has taken you across Brussels, London, Paris, and beyond. How have these diverse locations and cultures influenced your sound, especially considering your passion for blues, soul, and funk?

Growing up in Brussels I watched a lot of music videos on MTV and listened to CDs of my favourite artists at the time such as Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Sheryl Crow and Ashanti to name a few. My older sisters’ music tastes also rubbed off on me, which I’m super grateful for, everything from Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam and Buena Vista Social Club. I fell in love with the blues when I began taking singing lessons at 13 with a jazz singer called Anca Parghel. She was an incredible talent and inspiration for me, and she introduced me to so many great blues and jazz standards. I pursued the jazz route for a while, moving to Paris to study jazz vocal performance.

During this time, I sang in different bands and worked as a waitress for a while in a jazz café where I also got to perform on most nights, which was an amazing learning experience. Paris is a city like no other, with a great live music scene and many sources of inspiration for songwriting. But it wasn’t until I moved to London that I began to release my own music and explore more deeply who I am as an artist. London is a great place for new opportunities and collaboration. 

The composition of "Off-kilter" is notably classic. How do you decide on the sonic elements that make it into your songs, and what drew you to this particular aesthetic for this single?

While I tend to begin writing my songs either on piano or guitar, I always find the groove to be a key element in contributing to the feel of a track. I suppose that’s where my inspiration from funk music comes in! I love the sound of a classic piano together with a gritty beat and building the vocal melody from there. That was the starting point for writing ‘Off-kilter’. Then Amanda (Slow Shudder) and I worked together virtually between Los Angeles and London to get the production right and really make the song come together. It’s quite stylistically different from my previous releases, such as my EP Mirror Lights, where I incorporated cello and a horn section, but I love experimenting with different sounds and aesthetics. 

Let's talk about the themes addressed in this record. You explore the journey of self-doubt and feeling out of place. Can you delve into the emotional space you were in while creating this song and how you translated those feelings into your music?

Of course! ‘Off-kilter’ is an introspective song about experiencing moments of self-doubt and feeling like you don’t quite fit into other people’s expectations of you. I’ve often felt that I don’t fit into one particular box when it comes to my music or how I brand myself as an artist. This has oftentimes made me question whether I’m cut out for how the music industry works today since success relies so heavily on how good you are at your social media and managing to get onto the right playlists, what’s trendy, and so on.

I think there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, which puts independent artists in a less favorable position. So the lyrics in ‘Off-kilter’ really touch on these feelings of frustration and the internalized outside voices making you doubt what you’re capable of. I’d say the opening lines of the song are some of the most vulnerable lyrics out of the music I’ve released so far. 

What do you hope your audience takes away from this song? What is your message to those tuning in?

I hope they enjoy listening to the song and are moved by it in some way. One of the main themes in ‘Off-kilter’ is self-doubt, but at the end of the day the song is also about self acceptance.


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