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Charlotte Rosse Beams Like a Ray of Sun in, "One More Try"

Based in London and Monaco, the grandstanding vocalist, songwriter, and recording artist CharlotteRosse release a poignant rendition of George Michael's "One More Try," alongside a nostalgic black and white performance video.

Charlotte Rosse's powerhouse and dramatic vocal stylings have led her to receive various creative opportunities in her native land of Poland. After suffering mental abuse from a teacher, Charlotte Rosse fled to London, where she realized that her passion lies with the emotional and immersive sounds of contemporary music.

Bringing us into her heartfelt creative venture with her latest release, "One More Try," Charlotte Rosse offers a unique and soulful rendition of George Michael's classic hit. Also releasing an accompanying music/performance video for the release, viewers are able to bask in the glory of Charlotte Rosse's emotive performance and passionate vocal delivery.

Taking a look at Charlotte Rosse's performance video for George Michael's "One More Try," the scene opens with Charlotte Rosse emerging from the background dressed to the nines in a white grown, angelic makeup, standing in front of a sole microphone. As soon as she lets out that first harmonious note, Charlotte Rosse instantly captures our attention through her brilliant vocal radiance that cascades over our speakers like an ever-flowing river.

As we continue watching Charlotte Rosse do what she does best, she serenades us with the utmost soul and passion, all of which can be seen through the expressive look on her face and the emotion within her beaming vocals. We adore the nostalgic scene that the video has to offer, as it takes us back to the roaring 20s with its minimalist approach and focuses on Charlotte Rosse's mesmerizing performance.

Let your heart flutter with help from CharlotteRosse's enthralling vocals in her latest release, "One More Try," and find the soulful performance video on YouTube.


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