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Charlotte Rosse Releases a Jaw-Dropping Ballad With, "Raise a Toast"

From Poland to London, the extraordinary singer-songwriter and pop artist Charlotte Rosse showcases her breathtaking vocal abilities through an emotional release entitled "Raise a Toast."

It's without a doubt that Charlotte Rosse's incredible vocal abilities will leave anyone in a trance, as her innate power and strength captures anyone who feasts their ears on her magnetic and mesmerizing pieces. With influences like Mariah Carey and Barbra Streisand, Charlotte Rosse's music surpasses anyone's expectations while serving boundless emotion and vitality with each release.

The operatically trained singer-songwriter is now on track to release her forthcoming EP later this year, as she prepares us for the project with its compelling lead single, "Raise a Toast." Co-written with Arrow Benjamin (Beyonce, Alicia Keys, etc.), Charlotte Rosse's latest single submerges us into an anthem for loneliness at a time when we need it most.

Opening "Raise a Toast" are cinematic and orchestral instrumentals that set the tone for the emotionally glamourous song. After an abrupt record scratch, Charlotte Rosse makes her powerful vocal appearance and begins depicting the emotional scenes of feeling lonely during these worrisome times. As she continues belting her astounding vocals for us to savor, Charlotte Rosse moves towards the gut-wrenching hook alongside her dreamy instrumental soundscapes.

We're completely and utterly in awe of Charlotte Rosse's vocal abilities as she continues to submerge us into the depths of loneliness through her saddened lyricism and inherent talent. While switching from major to minor and back to major, Charlotte Rosse serves all the emotional stamina and persistence we can find nowadays.

Lose yourself in the intense vocal abilities of Charlotte Rosse with her latest single, "Raise a Toast," and prepare yourself for her forthcoming EP later this year.

We're truly astounded by your vocal portrayal within the powerful and emotional ballad, "Raise a Toast." When did you begin feeling inspired and compelled to create this anthem for loneliness?

I am really happy you enjoyed my song. And thank you for the compliment. Raise A Toast is a perfect introduction to my emotional world and my classical music influences. The idea came to me from my personal experience when I first moved to London, and before I met my boyfriend when I thought I would never fall in love. It was a very lonely time for me, I was working full-time as a receptionist while studying songwriting at university and I found myself starting to get heartless. I could only count on myself, and I was becoming calculating, including with my heart. When writing Raise a Toast I wanted to create a song that would stand for all the people that go through the things I went through. People who are living in a big city and still lead a lonely life. I wanted to write a song that they could relate to and it would be for them like an anthem for loneliness.

What was your songwriting process like with Arrow Benjamin for "Raise a Toast?" How did he help bring your ideas and concepts into existence?

Arrow has many years of experience in this business and is incredibly skilled with words. As a young songwriter, I can learn a lot from him. We are both alfa personalities, therefore, there were a lot of fiery discussions, long late-night phone calls, and different visions but in the end, we both found a middle ground and we consider the song “our baby”.

What inspired the cinematic and breathtaking instrumental arrangements within "Raise a Toast?" How did you create the instrumentals to complement your lyricism?

With this song I was sonically inspired by Lana Del Rey, it’s a cinematic sound meeting modern pop kind of music. The instrumental parts were created by the producer George Flint. I wanted the song to sound melodramatic in the Italian 60’s style and to have a vintage nostalgia to it. I think it’s noticeable in the melody and string arrangements, while the pulsating beat gives a radio pop vibe.

Seeing as "Raise a Toast" is the first track lifted from your forthcoming EP, how does the single prepare us for what we should expect throughout the entire EP?

The EP coming in June is an acoustic EP. You’ll find there a live version of Raise A Toast and a few other songs in new classically inspired arrangements. With its sound, I wanted to refer to the vocally driven music of the early ’90s. At the same time, I’m having sessions and working on my new original material, hopefully, to be out this Autumn.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I have another acoustic single coming out next month. It’s a cover and I think that it will be quite a surprise to many as it is not something you’d expect me to sing. I put my own twist on it and I am very curious how it will be received.


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