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Charlottee Rosse Covers Dua Lipa's "Hallucinate"

Charlottee Rosse is a rising singer/songwriter that catches the attention of any listening ear due to her fascinating vocal style. The creativity of Charlottee Rosse is quite impressive--she's known for taking popular singles from well-known artists and spinning them into a completely different product. Nevertheless, the resulting music is strong and full of fascinating vocal harmonies from Charlottee Rosse.

"Hallucinate" is the latest goosebump-giving cover release from Charlottee Rosse. Giving Dua Lipa's original song a complete makeover, Charlottee Rosse strips away the typical pacey electronic beats and embeds her authentic, soulful style. We've all known that Charlottee Rosse is a powerhouse, but her vocals are record-breaking in Dua Lipa's "Hallucinate". On any volume level, Charlottee Rosse's intensity will be felt, so crank up the sound to experience her striking voice in totality.

"Hallucinate" follows a deep, soulful style that makes use of flavourful orchestral instruments. The song opens with a burlesque-like vocal performance by Charlottee Rosse, which sets an enigmatic, sensual tone. The rhythm shines, but not as bright as the emphatic voice of Charlottee Rosse. "Hallucinate" is the perfect song of Charlottee's to listen to if you haven't already heard her sound because her classical training is beautifully heard within this particular track. Her dynamic dominance when it comes to her vocal performances is compelling, and she crafts a truly contemporary sound that works to energize listeners with such potent stamina.

Charlottee Rosse is robustly passionate with her delivery in this cover; she sings each note with strong, fervorous emotion, which works to establish a real presence within the song. All in all, Charlottee Rosse was incredibly compelling within "Hallucinate", giving listeners a vocal performance worth remembering.


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