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Chase Tremaine And His Love Affair With Pop-Rock

Okay maybe love affair is a strong term? You'll get what that means the minute you start his new record dubbed "Unfall", freshly released and bursting with pop-rock brightness, and driven by emotion and life experience. Taking his ability to create some intricate guitar riffs and making them sound smooth and flowy, the record comes through mature and catchy. "Search For Myself" being at the top of the fun pop-rock list, the track keeps it's edginess as little touches of darkness peak through. Other songs like "Humanizer" give the essence of Elvis Costello and an early 2000's pop-punk feel yet somehow doesn't stray from the overall embodiment the album instills. Meanwhile  "Council (The Help I Get)", is a pure alternative rock at it's best. At first glance, there is a lot going on with this record but as you rock through these songs it feels like a concept album. And if you listen to the songs, you can hear how relatable they are to being alive. Check out Chase Tremaine HERE.

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