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Chasemill$ Gets Deeply Real in, "Can't Lose U"

Philadelphia Hip/Hop and Rap artist Chasemill$ have been creating music since the young age of ten. Fast forward many years, Chasemill$ continues to pursue music and insert his seasoned perspective and life into his lyricism.

Having released many singles, Chasemill$ has successfully accepted that music holds a pivotal place in his life, and without it, he wouldn't be who he is today. The latest musical offering from Chasemill$ is titled "Can't Lose U," which displays many of his artistic abilities with a certain punchy tone.

Catchy pop synths introduce "Can't Lose U" and set a contemporary tone for Chasemill$ rap single. Chasemill$ takes on a strong mindset in this track, and he elaborates more on his lifestyle, thoughts, and opinions when it comes to his history. You can hear the clear Philadelphia edge of Chasemill$ in "Can't Lose U."

Chasemill$ crafts this single with many elements from the Hip/Hop, Rap, and R&B music scene we hear today. His varied sound comes from the incorporation of various genre styles, which has always been a tactic of Chasemill$ when it comes to the development of his songs.

"Can't Lose U" brings in many complementing vibes, and is influenced by many artistic sounds, such as those from Drake, Meek Mill, and Lil Baby. Nevertheless, Chasemill$ dominates with his own matured and refined perspective when crafting "Can't Lose U" and creates a truly original song.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chasemill$. "Can't Lose U" gave a varied listening experience! What kind of energy were you hoping to expel with your latest single release? The energy I wanted to present in my single “ Can’t Lose U “ is fire passion. The song explains the feeling of not dwelling on the past, but at the same time not losing everything that’s right in front of you. Of course, I had to address it one more time for my fans hahaha. At the end of the song when the hook “Baby, I can’t lose you, I’ve seen it” I am expressing that I’ve lost you before and I won’t lose what I have now for nothing. Referring to loved ones and family.

Considering the long history of your artistry, how do you believe your sound has evolved from your first single to the release of "Can't Lose U?"

I have come a long way! My sound started on a sidekick cell phone recording. I am able to articulate what’s going on in my life a lot better, definitely because of life lessons that I’ve learned after trials and tribulations. Also after I graduated college, I saw everything much clearer. This allows me to keep evolving in my music creation.

What inspired you to write about the content covered in "Can't Lose U?"

My own past. Tapping into feelings I felt at that particular time in my life. The song was inspired by A bad relationship in high school that just ended in a way where I wanted revenge. Then compare it to how I am happy with my relationship now. It wasn’t written before listening to the beat, so everything you hear is what the beat made me feel. Can you see yourself gravitating to any genres outside of the genres you currently work with for your music?

Yes, I consider all genres. I actually listen to a lot of genres, so I am open to or enjoy almost every popular genre. I love Dancehall, Soul, and Pop. I don’t have many songs in those genres, but I plan on making some in the future.

What's next for you?

I have a lot coming up to wrap up the year. First and foremost, I have two shows coming up in NY, PA, and ATL. With promoter connections, my team plans to do at least 5 shows before the end of the year. Also, my EP “ $ummer Heartache$” is planned to release this September. “Can’t Lose U” will be the very first song. It does a great job of presenting a theme that you will see throughout the project. The balance of summer heartbreaks, and summertime love.


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