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“Chasing A Ghost” By Blindfolds And Daggers Brings Back Nostalgic Alt-Rock

Branson Kane Milsap is the true epitome of an independent artist. Hailing from Nashville, TN, Branson works under the moniker Blindfolds And Daggers. His debut, full-length album "Light Thief" came out in the spring of 2018. This project blends alternative rock from another era, post-punk, and nu-wave to create an unexpected yet enjoyable experience. As a truly independent artist, Branson plays all of the instruments heard, he handles production, songwriting, music video, and branding his name, Blindfolds And Daggers.

Blindfolds And Daggers newest single, “Chasing A Ghost” starts strong with a fresh and appealing leading guitar riff. The music has a classic yet creative alt-rock vibe, the instrumentation is always interesting, and the structure of the song means that there’s always something new just around the corner. “Chasing A Ghost” features a great set of melodies, particularly the hook, you find yourself eagerly awaiting as the song sets off. The whole soundscape features a slightly laid back approach to rock and roll, reminiscent of alt-rock legends from yesteryear. There’s a distinct level of focus to the songwriting, and this speaks volumes for the Blindfolds And Daggers. Not succumbing to any one genre or style, yet knowing exactly what he’s all about, “Chasing A Ghost” is a contagious introspective track from Blindfolds And Daggers and we’re looking forward to hearing more.

Check out “Chasing A Ghost” here and keep scrolling to read more in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What was the writing and creation process like for “Chasing A Ghost”?

I usually start out messing with guitar ideas first, then open up a digital audio workstation and map out and write simple drums on a grid followed up by using a midi keys controller to do the strings. I was living in the upstairs section of an old Victorian Home when I wrote "Chasing A Ghost" and that house was definitely haunted.

How many instruments can you play? How much of your music is organic and how much is electronic?

Four instruments, everything is organic. The only thing electronic is the sequencing in which I use single hit drum stems and write the drums on a grid.

Blindfolds And Daggers is a 100% self contained independent project in which I created in it's entirety alone, including all instruments played, songwriting, lyricism, production, music videos, branding, photography, vocals and web design.

Can you dive into details about the lyrics in “Chasing A Ghost”? 

Most certainly ! The lyrics are about not being able to escape the thought of someone that you had once truly loved but had to leave, so even after all of the years that have gone by you want to break the silence and let them know you're still there.

What are your thoughts on mainstream music today?

Haha you're trying to get me in trouble.

Well creating music or anything really is just an artistic form of self expression so people are free to do whatever they want. :)

I mean if you want to sing something like "grab'em by da booty grab'em by da booty grab'em grab'em grab'em by da booty WHAT !" Then that's your prerogative. I kind of stay in my own little world consumed by things that interest me so I truly have no idea what goes on within the mainstream.As a kid I was heavily influenced by skateboard culture which introduced me to various styles of rock music old and new.

What do you hope to achieve through the end of 2019?

Hopefully put a band together around the project, record new material as a creative collective and hit the road. I recently released "Shiny Things" and "Vanish Thin" on iTunes and Amazon Music which are a few more songs from the Blindfolds And Daggers LP "Light Thief" So hopefully start promoting those songs as well as the music videos. Blindfolds And Daggers is all DIY so pushing it out commercially is very slow paced, I need all the help I can get on the marketing end.


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