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Chat Holley Releases New Vintage Style Rock Single “Werewolf”

Chat Holley is a vintage style classic-rock band that incorporates a multitude of genres into their songs; including Blues, Jazz, R&B, and Groove. The band consists of artists Zack Sloan, Shane Huron, and Levi Ward who came together in 2018 with the common goal of making their own music exactly how they wanted. The name Chat Holley is an homage to their home; it was the name of the street where they all worked kitchen jobs at a restaurant – and where this whole musician adventure started. Not only are the members of Chat Holley multitalented musicians, but they are also poets, which allows them to write a story with their lyrics.

In their recent single “Werewolf,” the main focus of the song begins with their instrumental talent. The intro is almost a minute of gentle strumming and drumming that slowly builds up to the beginning of the vocals. There are also a few instrumental parts where guitar riffs take center stage. Chat Holley’s vocals are throaty and relaxed, which fits well with the tone of the song. Although most of the song is chill and relaxing, there are some moments where it builds to an upbeat chorus or a wicked electric guitar solo. The versatility of the song provides a feeling of calm and power.  We look forward to seeing what Chat Holley will bring us in the future.

Listen to "Werewolf" here.


What's the story behind Chat Holley?

We all met and all had a desire to play music. Zack and Levi were trying to start a band when Shane started working at the same restaurant as them and he had played bass with Levi in school. They all like similar music while also having diverse specific tastes that play heavily into Chat Holley's sound. The three of them fit very well together and always seem to draw attention whenever they are together

Can you elaborate on the message you were trying to communicate to your fans in your song “Werewolf?”

The message is sometimes things will happen to a person and they will change, sometimes for the worse. They may make mistakes. After killing a woman out of hunger, the werewolf begins to tear himself down and feels guilty for what he did but The ending of the song is the werewolf setting out for another victim. 

You are all multitalented artists! Can you tell us how being poets has influenced your songwriting? It's helped a lot and made songwriting a very easy and smooth process to the point where we can write a new song every 2 weeks

Can you tell us about any long-term goals you have as a band? What are some things you want to do to achieve them?

Long term goals are to be living solely off of making and performing Chat Holley's music and to be meeting people like us while doing. We plan to achieve this by climbing our ladders and just doing as many live performances as we can. We want to stay on our own label so we do not need a record label.

We were happy to have you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about what we can expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Release music throughout 2020, go on a mini-tour through Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. There is also a local venue in Destin we want to perform at called Club L.A



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