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CHATTERLESS Releases, "Long Shadows On The Sand"

Long-time film/video game composer and hip-hop producer MD of The Boomsday

Alliance (aka Jayme McDonald) delivers the dreamy synth-wave instrumental ‘Long Shadows On The Sand,’ under his alias CHATTERLESS.

Following his previous release ‘Stay With Me,’ CHATTERLESS takes a more upbeat route with ‘Long Shadows On The Sand.'

An ode to the retro synth sounds familiar to old-school arcade games. This instrumental release from the Vancouver-based producer is sure to send your spine tingling with nostalgia.

'Long Shadows On The Sand,' takes you on a journey through the 80’s synth-pop era, with an uplifting exploration of 16-bit game music. Jayme McDonald’s work in the video game industry has paid dividends to his ability to create all-encompassing sonic worlds within his music.

We can’t get enough of his time-shifting production, CHATTERLESS has successfully transported us to an almost ethereal landscape with 'Long Shadows On The Sand.'

Be sure to immerse yourself in this otherworldly lo-fi throwback, now available on all streaming platforms.

Can you tell us a bit more about your process behind this release? Every song starts with where I am mentally at that moment. In this situation, I was actually in a pretty dark place and trying to write something that reflected more of what I hoped to be rather than what I was really feeling at the time. As for the song "Long Shadows On The Sand" itself - the type of synths in this song really felt like a beach party or some tropical setting. The tom breakdowns at the end of each section might just be my favorite parts of the song. How much do you think your work as a film/video game composer has influenced your sound as an artist? It's a fight sometimes internally to not make, like, seventeen-minute songs but seriously I actually have a struggle sometimes with adding too much into song arrangements. I often have to claw back like 30-40% of what you hear in the final product. This was an issue sometimes too when producing for other artists. Producers need to learn to leave space for vocalists and I didn't always do that. I actually wrote this piece for a Chatterless release which has some of my favorite string arrangements I've ever written outside of my wedding procession themes. The song in question however made me feel concerned that the listener might not want to hear that from me just yet. Maybe a future single. You’ve dedicated much of your time producing for other musicians, how does it feel to be able to release your own work under the CHATTERLESS alias? It's honestly so refreshing and such a relief to be honest. I am very proud of the work I have done with the artists I have worked with and I plan on more in the future but sometimes it's nice only having to rely on your own strengths and vulnerabilities. Sometimes as a producer in addition to composing and arranging the songs you also are an executive assistant of sorts. You organize and provide therapy. You are constantly supporting personalities that are dealing with the same insecurities that you might be facing. It can be exhausting at times. Do you have any intention of releasing vocal-led collaborations in the future? The project is all instrumental even down to the name 'Chatter-less' so there is somewhat of a conflict initially when I think about it. But then after the release of "Stay With Me" (the 1st single from "Nobody From Nowhere With Nothing"), I was surprisingly approached by a number of vocalists from different genres (punk, pop, etc...) and experience levels. Something about this music unlocks the nostalgia vault in people's minds and allows them to try things they generally wouldn't. That inspires me and has really opened my own mind to consider doing this. I think it's inevitable. What's next for you? March 26th, 2021 is the release of "Nobody From Nowhere With Nothing." 10 songs of retro wave/synth goodness from Chatterless. If you enjoyed "Stay With Me" and "Long Shadows On The Sand," I think you'll enjoy the journey of this album. It's a pseudo-concept album but if that's not your thing you can just skip the first and last songs lol. Enjoy!


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