Check out Ace Wild’s Successful 2019 Recap

Ace Wild is an independent hip-hop artist hailing from La Crosse, Wisconsin. His quick bars, flawless rhymes, and ability to deliver spoken-word verses without taking so much as one breath has mad him a swiftly rising start in the music industry. 2019 has been a huge year for Ace Wild, he separated himself from his group and decided to be a truly independent artist doing everything on his own. In January he released the first single from his album “UNORTHODOX” titled “Crash”, followed up by “To The Grave” ft. Dre Blessed. After the first two singles saw nothing but success, Ace Wild went on to release four more singles from the album including the popular hip-hop banger “Judgement Day”. 

“UNORTHODOX” was released in full on June 25, 2019, and propelled Ace Wild’s career to new heights. The album served as an impressive new addition to Ace Wild’s catalog, showcasing his versatility and true talent. After the album drop, Ace Wild’s first truly independent single titled “Hated Love” was released just one month after the album, and was soon followed up by Ace’s most recent “F.T.G.” which he claims to be his most controversial single to date. Ace Wild is a soon to be a household name and if you haven’t checked out his music yet I highly recommend you do! Don’t sleep on this ambitious, inspiring, and independent artist. 

Listen to Ace Wild’s new music here and read more with the artist in our exclusive interview below!