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Check Out Adjust The Sails New Single "Flashlight"

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest release “Flashlight” is definitively lively, with such an eclectic, yet modern take on production. How did you intend to connect with your listeners with this particular track?!

The front bottoms are one of the major bands most my fans relate to. Back in March, I was approached by Daisy of Arbitrary Phrase Records to be part of a collective tribute album for the 8th anniversary of The Front Bottoms self titled album. While the album fell through, I still wanted to put the cover out not so much for me, but more to still pay tribute to a band that in this past year has really helped me through some tough times. In regards to my take on the cover, I wanted it to be a bit different than the original. I wanted it to be a bit less all over the place (don’t get me wrong, the original is great! But definitely not their most coherent work.), with a bit more of a pop punk vibe.

Tell us more about the meaning of this song to you? Why did you choose to do a cover for your new release?

Flashlight was one of the first songs I ever heard by them. I first heard it when going through a big break up and I really related to the song and the whole concept of going being the person who could hear the the girl in the song’s dog whistle, to having some one else take up that mantle. It was the song I was assigned for the collab, so I immediately got to working on it.

What would you say is the most useful piece of criticism you’ve received thus far within your career? Do you typically take criticism to your advantage? 

 - my first ep “Til Death Do Us Part” was made up of 3 songs I had pretty much written for self therapy. This made them all overly depressing. While they were easy to relate to, and it performed well amongst Angsty teens just getting into their Emo phase, most other listeners found the songs way too sad and slow. So, after I came back from a 2 year hiatus/journey to find myself outside of music, I sort of modified the sound a little bit. I kept the self-therapy writing style, but popped the music up a bit. Since doing so, I went from capping out at 3000 listens per song after a few months, to having songs like “Mike Walton” that are almost at 100,000 in a bit over a year.

You have an impressive list of accomplishments! What has been your most memorable achievement thus far in your career?

I think the most exciting thing about my career thus far has been the Big City Weekender from last October or playing Baltimore’s Frozen Harbor Fest 2019. While not my longest tour, the Big City Weekender had me playing in front of at least 100 people in a cramped town house basement in Philly , which was one of the most surreal moments of my life. On top of that, one of those hundred people was a fan from Chicago that had flown to Philly for the weekend just to attend this show and see us play!

It was a treat being able to showcase your rendition of “Flashlight” on BuzzMusic! We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us as listeners! What’s the next goal for you artistically within the music world, now that you’ve just released a new single?!

I'm currently working on recording a few songs for a new release that I'm hoping to get out in the beginning of next year. Aside from that my next goal is to maybe get out on the road with some dope other bands. I had a tour slated for the beginning of November but due to some recent complications and personal issues, it fell through.


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