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Check Out Authentic Chip-Hop By Missingno. In Leading Track “Mood”

Based in Akron, Ohio and raised in Dallas, Texas, Missingno. adapts his name from a "glitch" in the original Pokémon game (Red, Blue, Yellow). It's a code that means a "missing number," however he doesn't miss a beat on his new album. Don’t miss out on Missingno.'s debut album 808-Bit Music, the 9-track project is a dreamy journey through slow-burning R&B.

Missingno. establishes his "Chip Hop" sound best on the lead single "Mood". The mellow track feels like you're swimming through dark waters in search of land, bobbing through the wave of melody. Missingno. created the iconic track as a response to the women in his life who called him ‘moody’ because of his silence. The diss track “Mood” describes how much this irked Missingno. through layers of experimental sounds and his own authentic flare. The old school 808’s fuse flawlessly with samples from retro video games to make this track stand out.  We can’t get enough of Missingno. so be sure to stay on the lookout for his future musical endeavors. 

Check out “Mood” here and don’t sleep on Missingno’s debut album “808-Bit Music”, out now! 


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