Check Out “Bold Face” By Canadian Hip-Hop Artist Ty-Rex

Ty-Rex is a Canadian artist from Toronto/Hamilton, Canada. The new age lyricist details his struggle and experience through the various energies that music can provide. Witness his journey and go along for the ride. Ty-rex does it all in memory of his late great childhood friend Chrisist.

“Bold Face” presents an impressive balance between intensity and calm. A dramatic beat keeps a mellow rhythm, Ty-Rex’ rap delivery and lyricism offer an interesting sense of character, and a story-line that’s genuinely refreshing. Ty-Rex captivates right the way through. He does so without volume or gimmicks, just with the strength of his own bars and the unique quality of his voice. Structurally speaking, the back and forth between the verses and the hook works perfectly. “Bold Face” emerges with weight and originality, but still it provides this easy-going groove that feels unexpectedly uplifting and even motivational. You get a sense that Ty-Rex follows his own rules entirely, but does so with skill and consideration. These bars are thoughtful, clever, honest and reflective and the music meets the needs of this conceptual depth brilliantly. “Bold Face” is a superb track, an easy personal highlight for 2019.

Listen to “Bold Face” here and keep reading for more with Ty-Rex.

Hey Ty-Rex! How long have you been making music?