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Check Out Cheer Up Club’s Debut Album “Get Physical” Featuring Our Fav Track “Geezer”

Based in Los Angeles, Cheer Up Club balance buoyant melodies with angular, effected guitars and snide, left-field lyrics. Pummeling drums drive fluid bass grooves, while psychedelic synths create splashes of color across their sound. Combining the snarling, energetic hooks of Buzzcocks with the Californian ramblings of Pavement, Cheer Up Club moves fast and hits hard. Comprised of four school friends who bonded over music, Cheer Up Club includes Ethan Goodman (Guitar/Vocals), Nathan Espinoza (Drums), Will Gardner (Bass), and Hannah Stone (Synth). Loud, sarcastic, and fun, Cheer Up Club embrace an “anything goes” approach to songs that playfully skate between the sweet, cynical, and sincere. Their debut album “Get Physical” is colorful and layered, revealing more with each listen. Live, Cheer Up Club brings a party-punk energy to the stage, complete with balloons and the occasional bout of cross dressing. Cheer Up Club promises a good time, at home in headphones and live at your local dive bar.

Straight from their debut album “Get Physical”, “Geezer” features a light yet relentless rhythm of the beat and an indie-rock fullness. This gives the piece a whole new level of energy and intensity. It takes the writing from melancholic over towards something much more anthem-like and the kind of classic rock hit you can zone in on from across the field at a festival. There’s a certain warmth to Cheer Up Club’s leading vocals, they feel accessible and equally relatable, so you connect with Ethan’s words all the more realistically. At the same time, that nostalgic aura within “Geezer” is likely to prove comforting and energizing for many listeners who’ve witnessed the progression of mainstream rock. In every case, a really well written song, and a sound that holds close to the Cheer Up Club’s natural desire to play. Nothing fake is needed, the music just does what it needs to do. 

Check out “Geezer” here and read more with the band below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Where do you imagine the best setting is to experience your track “Geezer”?

Bored in a high school Chemistry class, an outdoor screening of the video, or the next Cheer Up Club show!

What are the lyrics in “Geezer” about? What do you hope your listeners take away from this track?

It’s a fistfight with your psyche after losing a friend you thought you knew better. It was written in about 5 minutes, and consequently, the lyrics are some of the cheesiest and most honest on the album. Hopefully, it’ll put a spotlight on mental health, communication, and remind people to second guess their internal diatribe.

If you had to choose just one song in your collection to represent your sound right now, which would you suggest and why?

Hmmmmmm…. Probably “Mindblownn.” It’s bouncy, fun, upbeat, and loud, with an emotional break in the bridge. That said, each song on the album covers different elements of our “sound,” so it’d be best for listeners to give it a spin and find out for themselves!

What’s the overall theme of your album, “Get Physical”?

Side 1 shows the development of a happy, healthy, new relationship. Side 2 sees it all fall apart, with self-destructive attempts to replace it. We didn’t plan on using the album to tell a story, but once we started arranging the tracklist, it became clear that “Get Physical” had an arc bigger than the sum of its parts.

What’s next for Cheer Up Club? We can’t wait to hear more!

Thanks! We’re pretty excited with the response we’ve received so far. For now, we’re gonna be playing out a lot and trying to get fresh ears on the record. That said, we’ve got a bunch of material queued up for the next album, which is shaping up to be a bit darker, more aggressive, and much groovier. We’re excited for people to hear it!


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