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Check Out Detroit-based Punk-Rock Band No Nonsense’s Debut Album “Chain Reaction”

No Nonsense quickly and colorfully tick a whole lot of boxes with this latest release. “Chain Reaction" is a punk-rock powerhouse of an album. We checked out their track “Going to Paradise” that begins with the simple strength and rhythm of distorted power-chords and short verse lines, the song intrigues with space, lyricism, and its own subtle but entrancing pulse. The lyrics captivate from the offset, finely selected lines of poetry shine through and draw you in. No Nonsense starts to build things throughout the approach of the hook.

The melody changes lanes and seeks to involve you even more. There’s a notably anthem-like quality to much of the song, making a live show appeal with its potential for immense togetherness and a great chance to let out some bottled up energy. The rhythm of the words and the simple punk-rock build up of the music, combined with some infectiously crisp drum-work helps make “Going to Paradise” an easy release to turn up loud. “Going to Paradise” has an inherent sense of growth presented to such an effective degree thanks to strong writing and the impressive chemistry of No Nonsense. “Going to Paradise” is a great track, one with an immersive sense of rising passion and energy, and the sort that offers up an immediately familiar intro once you’ve heard it even a single time.

Check out “Going to Paradise” here and read more with No Nonsense below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic No Nonsense! We love hearing about how bands originally got started! What inspired you to first begin recording and releasing your music? How did No Nonsense come together?

We were first inspired by the songs we were writing. we felt that we had a really strong connection together that was transferred into our songs and we decided to put together our album. We also came together from a local school and have been best buds ever since and almost like brothers.

Your song “Going to Paradise” is amazing! Tell us about the sentiments behind the lyrics. What the significance of the title with the main theme of the song?

The Song is about getting on with things in your life that have taken their toll. The title 'Going To Paradise' is our version of the words to escape. your moving on and going to paradise.

We checked out “Chain Reaction” in full and it’s an incredible debut album! What what the overall concept of this release?

The album Chain Reaction is a concept album of 8 songs telling the story of a person whos witnessing a change in the world as it's going through disaster from the sun is dying to a taken over city in 'Electric City' to moving on from all that nonsense in 'Going To Paradise'

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of who you are as a group? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

Our music definitely provides our audience with both our most abrasive lyrics and forms of music but it also shows we can be soft and show that we know how to tell a story. we try to keep it intimate with our listeners.

It was such a pleasure to have you and we can’t wait to hear more! What are you working on going forward to the end of 2019?

Thanks! We are mainly just getting a show together, possibly go on tour and then write and record a new album which is already in its first stages!


Don't miss a beat with No Nonsense, check out their Instagram for the latest updates!


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