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Check Out Faux Bandit’s Brand New EP “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019”

Exploding with their adrenaline pumping hard-rock, Faux Bandit are here, releasing their third EP, “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019”. It showcases their rage-fuelled, cynical humor with the welcomed addition of a third member, Zac Sakrewski on Bass. Blurring the lines between hard rock and indie-rock, Faux Bandits bring raw energy and an indefinitely loud testimony to the magic of the underground scene.  Faux Bandit comes out loud, hard and ferocious with their onslaught of speaker melting, unbridled rage. These bandits are on tour throughout August and September, playing 7 shows throughout Brisbane, Ipswich, Sydney and Melbourne. 

Taking a stab at the Rock'n'Roll celebrity lifestyle, “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019” is Faux Bandit’s best example of their embedded dry-wit. Hard-hitting guitar riffs and thunderous melodies start the track “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019” off to an incredible launch. The contagious tune blends perfectly with the heavy and quirky vocals. Elements of contemporary rock blend with elements of gritty excellence in this taste of musical chaos. “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019” explodes into infectious melodies and catchy riffs.

With more of a storytelling and comedic approach, “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019” delivers powerful and precise vocals. Faux Bandit has inspiring and special ideas when it comes to creating music. The whole band’s chemistry is evident through the speakers. Dedication to craft in the detail is admirable while the infectious and vivid music fused together is awakening. Layered guitars, ground breaking vocals and a powerful deliver give “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019” the punch it needed. I highly recommend you check out this track and the entire 5-track EP “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019”. Featuring hard-hitting and ferocious tracks such as to title track listed above, “Do Better, Be Better”, “Intruder Blues”, “Sad” and “The Pros And Cons Of Object Permanence”.

Listen to “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019” here and read more with Faux Bandit in our interview below!

Hi guys! Can you start by introducing yourselves to our readers?

Hi there we are Faux Bandit, three guys (Josh, Zac and Adam) from Brisbane, Australia who make rock music.

How did you come up with the band name Faux Bandit?

It’s partly a take on other rock bands who string together cool sounding words that don’t really mean anything coughroyalbloodcough. So it's like pretending to be an outlaw or a bandit but really its just a bunch of white guys writing rock music. Hence Faux Bandit.

What’s the overall theme of your track “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019"?

“Rock’n’Roll Simulator 2019” is a sort of critique of the music industry and celebrity culture, focused on rock music. I think there is a sort of escapism people get from listening to some rock music. This mentality of “if I listen to Mick Jagger enough then I’ll be cool like him”.

How do you want the listener to feel when they hear it?

Ideally I’d like people to openly revolt against Aerosmith until they stop playing “Eat the Rich” live without any sense of irony. But actually I’d really just like it if listeners enjoyed the groove of it.

What’s your writing process like as a group?

The three of us get in a room, which at the moment is a renovated shipping container, and throw ideas at each other and improvise until we have the structure of a song. Then I steal it away and write lyrics for it and then come back and we file it down until we are happy with it, or we throw it away and do it again.

Tell us more about your third EP “Rock'n'Roll Simulator 2019”!

“Intruder Blues” is not a blues song, it’s about a man who builds a tower out of milk-crates and breaks into heaven. “Do Better, Be Better” is not a motivational song and is mostly just complaining. “Sad” was originally called “SAD-01” but Spotify and apple music rejected the title for being “too generic”, which made us sad. Hopefully there is an appropriate amount of yelling, harmonized guitar riffs, distorted bass fills and references to Johnny Cash (1) for everyone to have a good time. Thanks for listening!


You can discover more on Faux Bandit and their music via their Instagram!

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