Check Out Lumane’s Eclectic Singles “Taboo” and “Letters”

Ambitious is an understatement when referring to Lumane, a singer/songwriter hailing from Switzerland. At the age of 18, Lumane moved to New York City to pursue her fearless passion for music. After completing film and musical theatre school, Lumane moved to Boston to study Songwriting and Vocal Performance at the Berklee College of Music. After a year of study, she ultimately decided to pursue her dreams in Nashville, TN. There she wrote and recorded her debut album “Me + You”, which gives the listener an inside look at Lumane’s struggles of leaving her home country and forbidden love. Now Lumane has released two more singles this year, “Taboo” and “Letters”.

"Taboo” was released in June and showcases layers of synths that weave in and out of the mix, a light yet intentional and varied rhythm section, and effective use of contrast as the various verses and the hook kick in, the single moves from alternative pop through dance and onward into the perfect dose of summer EDM. The latter half, in particular, sees hints of distortion and grit poured into the process, creating a subtle but certain sense of progression, which reinforces well the underlying sentiments and simple passion of the lyrics. At close to three minutes long, “Taboo” makes for the perfect hit of escapism or boost of energy just as daylight is fading. That opening drop from the instrumental into the spacious vocal verse is gorgeously delivered by Luman. The melody engages and calms, and as the song progresses it evolves with impeccable skill and emotion; building around you a far more complex and consistently captivating journey.

Lumane’s brand new single “Letters” sees more of a pop-ballad. While there are more than a few likable, even lovable elements to “Letters”, the sound is crisp and clean yet smooth and uplifting enough to suit just about any scenario – the skillful undertones make it all the more immersive and memorable. These lyrics are deeply personal, openly emotional, loyal, and with that the singer delivers a believable aura of truth and passion that backs it all up beautifully. Meanwhile, this multi-layered soundscape of various intricacies throughout “Letters” helps add further artistic purpose to the whole release.