Check Out Melody Maker’s Live Acoustic Performance Of “Adderall & Alcohol”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Melody Maker fell in love with music at a young age. She grew up listening to the sounds of her father's guitar as her parents sang along and knew that music was something she wanted to pursue. Melody Maker’s music is self-described as American-Folk and she further describes music as the greatest love and one constant in her life. Now based in San Diego, Melody Maker performs are various local venues and strives to spread her sound up to her hometown of Los Angeles. 

Melody Maker has an organic indie sound to her music and “Adderall & Alcohol” is fairly spacious in some respects, but it builds up in warmth and detail as it moves along. There are dashes of pop mixed in to add further color to the outer edges of the hook, but aside from this you can feel the raw energy and realness of the entire recording, and that’s always a pleasure to experience. “Adderall & Alcohol” is a beautiful song, spectacular and conceptual with heartfelt, kind intentions. The vocals alongside the opening acoustic aura makes for something that feels light and very pretty. As “Adderall & Alcohol” builds, the scene is set before you, the layers of story-line and instrumentation are added one by one, and slowly but surely the whole thing just surrounds and embraces the listener in a classically enjoyable way. An easy song to love and one that’s headed to the top. We can’t wait to hear more from Melody Maker!

Check out “Adderall & Alcohol” and keep scrolling for our interview with this mesmerizing singer/songwriter, Melody Maker!

Hey Melody Maker! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We absolutely loved your original song “Adderall & Alcohol” and the live performance. Have you recorded any of your original songs in a studio to date? If not do you have plans to?

Hello BuzzMusic! Thank you, Adderall & Alcohol is one of my latest original tunes that I am pretty happy with. I have begun recording an EP that has a bit more of a pop/hip hop vibe. Adderall & Alcohol will definitely be one of the songs. I'm hoping to get that done and released by the Spring.

We’re all about supporting talented independent artists like yourself! Are you completely self-taught on guitar and vocals?


I actually come from a line of guitarists. My great-grandfather, grandfather, and father all played guitar. My dad taught me the basics of Spanish made an acoustic guitar, passed down through the generations in my family. After teaching me two chords, I wrote three songs. He saw the potential in me and took me to a bluegrass music store for more lessons. I studied classical and flamenco music for about a year to learn more advanced techniques. I also studied vocals under an opera instructor for a brief period of time to learn proper singing techniques. The music I play now is very different from that classical training, but it is in roots of how I play and sing.

What can you tell us about the inspiration that went into creating your track “Adderall & Alcohol”? How did you know when it was truly finished?


The inspiration for Adderall & Alcohol was heartbreak and moving on to new things. I wrote it a few days after a break-up with a partner of five years. I realized that I was not only in a relationship with my partner, but I was also in a relationship with the chemical substances that shifted and regulated our brains. We could not find a balance in that and the relationship became more toxic and addictive, but we couldn't let go. As my music career began to evolve, I found myself in a place of rapid expansion and change. I dove into it and everything in my life changed. I'll never be the same person my partner knew and this song is about the understanding and declaration of that.

What predominant message was integrated within “Adderall & Alcohol” that you hope your listeners take away from it?

That life is about change. It is okay to be different people throughout your life, to wear different faces and to have different experiences. Sometimes a small shift, in reality, can literally change everything about it and that is not a bad thing. Complete and total change is exciting and terrifying all at the same time and should be embraced when it comes your way.

We’re so happy to have had the pleasure of chatting with you! What else are you working on artistically? What’s next for Melody Maker?

I am so happy to be a part of the BuzzMusic community! I am currently working on playing as many shows as possible around San Diego County and Orange County and am booked up most weekends at local bars and restaurants. I have a folk duo called the Silk Button Butchers (a Shakespeare reference) with a mandolin player that is evolving into a full band complete with a fiddle player, a bassist and a drummer which should be a lot of fun to be a part of. I am also working on writing new music and recording it for release in this next year. I want to work my way up the California coast playing gigs and sharing my music with anyone who will listen! LA is my next destination for gigs.