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Check out Mik’Que’s Fresh Track “Parallel”

Making waves out of Washington, DC, Mik’Que is a talented rapper and lyricist. With over 30K streams on his last single Mik’Que is slowly becoming one of Washington DC’s most stand out artist with his lyrical delivery over versatile beats. Mik’que is well on his way to earning the buzz he deserves. The 24 year artist recently dropped a single on YouTube and we are definitely HERE for it. 

Fresh new track, “Parallel” is a summer banger. In this hot new track Mik’Que spits bar after bar of addicting and flawless rhymes. The beat is expertly mixed with trap beats, but not over produced. Fused together with an upbeat and deliberate drop, Mik’Que delivers an explosive intro. His diverse rap style has the listener hypnotized by every verse. Mik’Que effortlessly exudes confidence throughout the track. “Parallel” gives us an inside look at Mik’Que’s real life. The track stays true to the confident and fresh theme of “Parallel”. Mik’Que has worked hard to get where he is now and he’s only getting further! With releases like “Parallel” you better stay on the lookout because Mik’Que is headed to the top. 

Check out “Parallel” here and keep reading for more with Mik’Que

Hi Mik’Que! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling our readers more about yourself and how you got started making music?

I'M Currently 24 years old and i have a very very deep passion for music and ive been doing music since my freshmen year in high school and ever since then Ive been trying to slowly build a buzz off my music the organic way, networking is cool but i dont wanna bite off no one else Buzz so ive been doing my own thing with my own type of music.

What influences did you have growing up that pushed you in the direction of making your own music?

My Top Influences Would definitely have to be Scarface and the geto boys along with Pac, Ice Cube, Devin the dude, yukmouth and as i got older i started listening to 50 cent heavy and was a huge fan of Kendrick when he first dropped section 80.

What was your writing process like for “Parallel”? What inspired this track?

What inspired Parallel was the royalty Checks Ive been receiving these last couple of months they've been pretty dope for a Independent artist like my self and on top of that i just wanted to make a summer time hit that fans could blast in the whip while cruising.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to talk about? 

Yes i Currently have a show happening in late September and the tickets will be available in August So Follow my IG and Twitter @dopeisque to get more info on that.

What’s net for you Mik’Que?

I am currently working on a 5-7 Song Tape that will include some of Dc's elite so definitely be on the lookout for that


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