Check Out Prynce P’s Latest And Final Single “Reloaded”

After releasing the biggest Hip-Hop compilation out of Dallas, Texas in 2016, featuring Hip-Hop legends like Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Spice 1 and more, Prynce P decided to get back to the drawing board and work on 3 more singles before retiring the microphone. The third and final single which he named, “Reloaded” showcases something different from Prynce P. Instead of the typical 16 bars per verse, he decided to put 2 (24 bars) featuring 3 MC’s on each verse. Prynce P knew that this track had to be special so he hand-picked some of his favorite Dallas rappers to collaborate with him on this single. Besides himself, he featured: Flexinfab, Flower Child, DQ Hampton, Eclipse Darkness, Motian, GSpook, IQ Muzic, & Tony Ballard Jr. Produced by: Cloak Beats & Billy Syn at The Valley of the Kings Studio, “Reloaded” was released on his birthday, July 31st, and within the first week of its release, it has already been on 2 radio stations.

Laced with heavy hip-hop lyricism and soulful instrumentals, “Reloaded” is bending the rules of hip-hop all over the place. The brilliant musical chaos sheds lights on the versatility and creativity of Prynce P’s mind. The catchy hook includes smooths female vocals and an addictive riff while the verses feature flawless lyricism and precise flow from all 8 artists. They talk about real life experiences and dive into a retrospective story at their inner trials and tribulations. The backbeat demands attention as the explosive collaboration takes center stage. We hate to see Prynce P retire, but with an outro like this it becomes more bearable. PrynceP has poured his emotions and soul into every track he puts down. I highly recommend you check out “Reloaded” and the rest of Prynce P’s impressive repertoire.

Listen to “Reloaded” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Prynce P! What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

This is a very interesting question. Hmmm, I’ll have to say, awareness. 

What is your new track “Reloaded” all about? How did your collaboration with this diverse group of artists come to fruition? 

My life, just like everyone else’s, has been a roller coaster ride.  I have been through hell and I have also witnessed heaven on earth. We all get knocked down by life’s twisted scenes but what matters is to get back up, reload and move forward. To me, life is as good as you make it and having the right attitude can make a huge difference on the way that you live. As of the featuring artists, these are some of my favorite rappers out of Dallas who are currently making a lot of noise in the Dallas Hip-Hop scene. When I choose an artist, I study them for months. I attend their shows, purchase their music and I usually go to lunch or dinner with them to feel their vibes. When everything feels right, I book a session at the studio and have them record their verse. I am highly OCD when it comes to my personal projects, so a lot goes into making a song for me.   


What do you think sets you apart from other hip-hop artists? 

My voice… It may sound funny, but I have been offered to do those late night “sex” talks where ladies call and pay to speak to the operator haha. 

Your songs have a very powerful lyrical presence. What’s your writing process like?

I personally write all my music while driving. I play the beat, drive around, freestyle until I like something that I say. I then record it on my phone and memorize it. It sounds weird but I honestly have no clue what may come out of my mouth when I am working on a song. I tend to surprise myself at times but for me, driving opens my mind much more than to sit in a room or studio writing. 

You mentioned this is your final single before retiring the mic. What’s next for Prynce P? 

Maybe the 1-900 Sex talks haha just kidding, but I am working towards creating commercials, doing voice overs and working on having my own podcast.


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Photo by: Andrew Sherman 

Cover Art by: Ali Charmz