Check Out “Quiet Bones” By Up And Coming Canadian Artist SIESKI

West Coast born, Toronto based artist SIESKI is reflecting her love of piano and storytelling through her dramatic ballads. This singer/songwriter/pianist creates moody alternative music with elements of indie folk undertones. Effortlessly pulling inspiration from legendary influences like Regina Spektor, Feist, Aldous Harding and Florence + The Machine, SIESKI adds her own authentic style to craft her unique sound. SIESKI holds a BFA in theatre from York University, and is now a budding artist in Toronto’s music scene since the release of her debut EP “Dreamist”.

SIESKI’s piano ballad “Quiet Bones” off of her debut EP “Dreamist” features sultry piano and soft angelic vocals. “Quiet Bones” tells a haunting melancholic story that gives us a retrospective look inside of SIESKI’s emotive poetry. Simplistic yet stunningly diverse, “Quiet Bones” can be interpreted in different ways. SIESKI’s undeniably talented songwriting ability allows her to establish strong connections with her fans. To me, “Quiet Bones” tells a story of losing yourself to the point of isolation until all you are left with is your empty, silent shell. SIESKI’s vocals are alluring and draw you in and demand to be heard despite their comfortable softness. We love what we’ve heard from SIESKI so far! Stay on the lookout for this Canadian songstress!

Check out “Quiet Bones” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Can you start by telling us how you got started in the music industry? 

Music has always run deep in my veins. Being raised by artists on the West Coast, BC, my love and appreciation for music making was sparked at a young age. My parents are both professional composers/musicians who first introduced me to the piano. Growing up in this environment, I learned and explored art-making through singing, music, theatre and dance. I drew inspiration from each medium, fell in love with creating and performing, and knew that it was what I wanted to pursue.  

I originally moved to Toronto to study theatre, and after completing my BFA in Acting from York University, I focused my energy back in to music. I wanted to share a piece of myself. So, I wrote, arranged and recorded my independent debut EP, ‘Dreamist,’ in December of 2018, and released it in March of 2019. Since then, I’ve been performing as a solo artist, and collaborating in both the theatre and music scenes in Toronto. 

Where does your stage name some from?

The name ‘SIESKI,’ pronounced ‘sea-ess-key,’ is a blend of my first and last name, Siena Dolinski. The sound of the name itself represents the sea, being from the West-Coast, and the keys of the piano. 

We love your song “Quiet Bones”! What is the meaning behind this track? What was the creation process like?

‘Quiet Bones’ is a song I wrote and recorded in a single day when I was back home in BC for the holidays. Thematically, the song is about a lost sense of self. It’s a reflective piece; a look at how someone grows, changes, and gains perspective after leaving their roots. Ultimately, it’s about feeling alone and uncertain of yourself, especially upon returning to a place where you were the person you used to be.

I wrote ‘Quiet Bones’ in the final afternoon of recording the EP. I had already recorded the other four songs, and I sat down once again at the piano to play around and improvise. I found myself feeling introspective and acutely aware of my surroundings. It was raining. There was a warmth in the studio, but a slow, winter stillness around me. Outside the window, the sky was a bright grey, the ground was damp, and the trees were wet. All of these images inspired the song. I like to tell people that ‘Quiet Bones’ wrote itself. I think, as artists, we are open vessels. Through openness and vulnerability, creativity can flow through you like a wave. I felt as if ‘Quiet Bones’ came from the earth below me - I was simply the vessel in which the idea passed through. It was one of those magical experiences in which it felt like the art simply created itself. 

What is the overall theme of your debut EP “Dreamist”?

‘Dreamist’ is simple, intentional and honest. Artistically, I wanted this EP to represent my authentic sound through piano and voice. It is a collection of naked song-stories from a young woman’s mind, sitting somewhere between the moody-alternative and indie-folk realms.

How do you draw inspiration from your diverse influences?

Musically, I’m influenced by many artists under the alternative umbrella. One of the first bands I ever covered was Coldplay. I’ve always enjoyed the way they tell stories through the lyrics and strong melody writing. Other bands of influence are Arcade Fire, Young the Giant, and Death Cab for Cutie. 

As a player of the instrument, I love the incorporation of piano into tracks. I think artists like Regina Spektor and Sara Bareilles do this very well. In terms of performance and voice, Florence Welch and Lady Gaga are two of my favourites. Their ability to storytell and convey emotion is a huge inspiration. I also love aspects of the quirky, the unusual, and the offbeat that artists like Feist, Mirah and Imogen Heap bring to their music.


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