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Check Out TANTRiX’ Debut Single “We Become One”

Eddie Silver emanates the attitude and swagger of a true golden age rockstar possessing a magnetic charisma and strong songwriting abilities. In constant pursuit of his dreams he has travelled the globe touring and playing with various bands, until fatefully the winds of fortune took him to Toronto, Canada where he met band mate Matt Mio. In mid 2018, Matt and Eddie formed a two-man alternative rock and pop band named TANTRiX. Eddie is the lead guitarist and vocalist and Matt is the drummer and backup singer. Since the band’s forming in 2018, TANTRiX have self-produced an 11-song album which is scheduled for release in January 2020. On top of all this their cunning abilities to blend genres will have you scratching your head in nostalgic wonder as you try to pinpoint what famous acts inspired the band’s songs, leaving you with a lasting impression (especially if you can’t quite put your finger on it)!

“We Become One” pays nods to classic rock and real rock n roll. With soul crushing guitar and a hard-hitting vocals, it establishes an explosive and unforgettable theme for TANTRix’ upcoming album. This track promotes a feeling of togetherness through the high energy feeling of the music. More spectacular music breaks layered with smoky rhythms and tight grooves. Powerhouse collective TANTRiX has us  hooked on “We Become One”. The honesty, soul, and raw energy that goes into this song is easily heard through the speakers. TANTRiX has outdone themselves with their flawless delivery and undeniably chemistry. The ups and downs of “We Become One” lead into a truly impressive guitar solo to wrap up the catchy hit. With elements of classic rock mixed with contemporary rhythms and a powerful sound, “We Become One” comes to a conclusion. TANTRiX is able to relate to their listeners on so many levels. Whether that’s through music or their spectacular lyricism, they curate unforgettable and timeless classics. 

Check out “We Become One” here and keep scrolling for more with TANTRiX.


Hey TANTRiX! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourselves to us? How did TANTRiX form?

We are a pop-rock duo from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of lead singer-guitarist Eddie Silver and drummer-singer Matt Mio. We ended up meeting a couple years ago at a mutual friend's birthday party and instantly hit it off because we shared the same passion for music and liked the same artists. We met at a perfect time because Eddie was looking to start a new project after leaving his old band and I (Matt) was fresh out of a private college for music production and artist management looking to begin producing for a band. We organized a few jams and the rest is history.

What are the lyrics in “We Become One”about? What do you hope your listeners take away from this track?

​We as a band believe that there isn't just one answer to what our songs and lyrics are about. We prefer to keep our lyrics somewhat vague, ambiguous, or cryptic during our writing process so as to leave our songs open to interpretation. We feel that art is meant to be viewed differently by each individual and we really enjoy hearing from fans how our music inspires them or what it makes them think about. "We Become One" to me (Matt), is loosely about breaking free from an old pattern of habits or thought and becoming a new, more enlightened person. I also think that the song is a bit about wanting to share deeper connections with those that matter to you. Ultimately, Eddie and i hope that our listeners each take away something unique and meaningful from listening to our song(s).   

What’s the overall theme of your upcoming album?

Just like our songs, our album doesn't really have an overall theme or meaning. All the songs on the album were created over the period of a year or so, and in that year Eddie and i both grew as individuals quite significantly. Our tastes, musical interests, and knowledge on producing music expanded greatly and our album reflects this. All of our songs are rooted in classic rock which Eddie and i were both heavily influenced by when growing up. We experimented with fusing other genres we appreciate like pop, punk, and R&B with our classic rock roots to create a very diverse, yet sonically coherent album.

Can you tell us about the Toronto music scene?

​In a nutshell the Toronto music scene is very diverse, competitive, and extremely 'cliquey' or socially segregated. Toronto is a very ethnically diverse city which allows for a huge scope of live entertainment to go check out. Most musicians and music fans in the city tend to group socially by the genre they most listen to. There is very little likely hood if you were to go see a rock act that you would run into someone from that scene at say a hip hop or punk show. Likewise, if you typically hang out in the punk scene for instance, it is very hard to start making friends and business connections in another scene like the indie rock scene because established social cliques in each scene can be standoffish to outsiders or those that they don't know. On top of this, there is an over-saturation of musicians in the city, all looking for gigs and trying to establish a name for themselves in the industry. Bands are quite reluctant to help support other bands of the same genre and are likely to step on each others toes to get themselves better time slots for playing as well as getting gigs at good venues. From a band's perspective, Toronto definitely has a dog-eat-dog kinda music scene and navigating it can definitely be a bit of a rat race. There are many good and bad things that come with such a diverse music scene in a major metropolitan city. 

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

​Eddie and I feed our passion for music by constantly practicing the material we have written to better our live performance skills, continuing to write new music, expanding our musical influences by listening to new bands as well as genres we don't typically listen to, and going out to see live shows. 


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