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Check Out The Forresters and Why They're, "Missin' You"

Sydney band, The Forresters, have delivered a heartfelt rock'n'roll anecdote titled "Missin' You." After a lengthy hiatus, The Forresters are now back and ready to rumble with contemporary pop-inspired single releases. Their ultimate goal is to craft music that is full of honesty, heart, as well as harmonious melodies. They want to make an impact amongst listeners, and "Missin' You" proves that The Forresters are on the right track.

"Missin' You" starts off with strong guitar-driven rhythms that create an uplifting acoustic atmosphere. The tone of the song is immediately established to be dynamic, delicate, and full of meaning. The vocals are powerfully delivered and strategically blended into the melody to create this sweet-sounding tune all throughout "Missin' You." It's a classic-sounding serenade, and The Forresters give off sincere affections, just as any great love ballad would.

The narrative works to compel listeners, tugging at their heartstrings. There's quite a deep yearning embedded into the lyrics, and you can feel certain emotions dominant and take over the energy in the song.

The Forresters produce this heart-throbbing storyline that is able to move listeners in impactful ways, and we can't wait to see what emotionally driven experience the band has in store for us next.

What inspired the underlying narrative of this track, and how did the songwriting process go about?

Many of my songs are about relationships – love, heartache, and the ways of emerging from it. One of the things I find satisfying about songwriting is when a listener adopts the lyrics and translates them to their own personal situation. That someone interprets the words of your song and makes them their own is a rewarding part of making music. My process of writing can come about in different ways. It can start with a chord progression or a single line of moving words. It can be triggered by reading poetry or listening to my musical influences. The fun part is combining these elements, blending them together into the eventual song.

As a band that strives to create heartfelt songs, what was the primary intention for "Missin' You" and the emotions you wanted your listeners to feel upon listening?

The realization that you have lost someone you love – and need them back. The words depict someone pleading with their lover, but it’s too late. In general, I prefer listeners to make what they sense from the lyrics. As a songwriter, it’s great to hear someone describe their interpretation of your words – often different from the original idea. Knowing that the lyrics of your song have moved someone in a personal way is rewarding.

What gave way to The Forrester's hiatus and their now-return?

I started the promotion for our upcoming album just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March last year. It was a difficult and strange time. Sydney, like many other parts of the world, went into lockdown. We couldn’t leave our homes, go out and visit friends and family or play any gigs. The promotion for the record came to a halt. Although things were tough here in Australia, I’m not complaining as I know how devastating the virus has been across the globe. I’ve rebooted the promo for the record recently as things here in Australia were looking pretty promising. Sadly, we have been forced into another lockdown here in Sydney which will prolong the recovery of the Sydney music scene.

Can listeners expect another single release to follow "Missin' You" anytime soon?

Yes. Our track ‘Tightrope’ will be released as a single on August the 20th with the album out on October the 1st. I had a lot of fun recording this record with a great group of musicians here in Sydney. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to travel to the US in July 2019 to mix the album with indie producer Mitch Easter in North Carolina.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

Sierra Ferrell is a Nashville-based artist. I’m a fan of the alt-country genre. A friend put me onto a youtube channel, Country AF. I came across the songs of Sierra Ferrell and was knocked out. A fabulous musician and singer, has great songs, and a wonderful choice of cover songs to boot. Her new record is titled ‘Long Time Coming’ and is definitely worth a listen.


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