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Check out the New Music Video for "I Cannot Love You Anymore" by Michelle Vezilj

“I Cannot Love You Anymore” is an incredibly powerful new single from award-winning singer/songwriter Michelle Vezilj. Produced by Wayne G. Miller, the song is about the slow demise of a relationship as it goes through unforgivable emotional turmoil.  Drugs, alcohol, and cheating take hold and the love becomes irreparably damaged.

Photo: JMPN Productions, Design: Johnny Tabor

The brand new music video was created by Micah Stuart and Michelle Vezilj and matches the sentiments of the song perfectly through powerful, yet relatable scenes. My favorite has to be of Michelle softly waterboarding her cheating lover with wine near the conclusion… but that’s just me. “I Cannot Love You Anymore” is an anthem to empower those in similar situations to finally choose themself over the toxic relationship. “I Cannot Love You Anymore” is a pop ballad with a mighty build-up to a drop that ultimately rains down with strength and secure intention. In addition, the resolve of that title, that hook, resounds and satisfies beautifully at the end of each progression.

Michelle’s impressive vocals reach impeccable peaks during the final moments. “I Cannot Love You Anymore” is a brilliant and powerful piece, which rightfully holds nothing back. Michelle Vezilj is unapologetic, she strays from social norms to get her authentic message across through powerful music. We look forward to hearing more!

Listen to “I Cannot Love You Anymore” here



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