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Check out the new project “All The Feelings Come Out” from Away From Here

Founded in 2016, Away from here is a pop-punk band fronted by Francesca Urso (vocals) and Andrea Ricchetti (vocals/guitar). The other members of Away From Here include Fabiano Dall'asta (guitar) and Luca Bajardi (drums). The eclectic four-piece just released their debut EP “All The Feelings Come Out”, which focuses on themes of happiness, melancholy, love, and everything in between. The second single released from their project “Daydream” comes equipped with a brand new music video to match. 

“Daydream” highlights the feelings of holding on to a relationship that has ended. Letting the memories linger in your mind makes it harder to move on, but ultimately we all know we have to leave things behind to truly go forward. Storming through the speakers with nothing so much as an introduction or a moment of quiet, “Daydream” is a brilliantly upbeat and deeply thoughtful pop-punk song. With its fast-paced power-chords and the often grunge-soaked nature of the leading melody, “Daydream” is sure to be stuck in your head long after listening. The lead singers appear immediately connected to the subject matter at hand; you can hear this in both the lyrics and the emotional, energetic manner in which they’re presented.

“Daydream” is a powerful song, enveloping you in the concept and the beautifully melodic chaos of the moment, with professionally arranged guitar-work and a mighty drum-line. Away From Here is currently touring Italy to promote their new EP, check them out! 

Listen to “Daydream” here

How did Away From Here originally come to fruition? How do you all know each other?

Me (Francesca) and Andrea, we know for a long time. We are best friends and we have a strong music connection, together we founded our band in 2016. At the same time, Andre already knew Fabiano, because they went to the same music school together, Andre then proposed him to join the band. Then, Luca joined the band.

How long has your release “All The Feelings Come Out” been in the making? What is the overall concept of this EP in entirety?

We spent one year between writing and producing. "All The Feelings Come Out" has 5 songs, each one of them represents a different emotion: "Daydream" expresses the emotion of the melancholy of a love story that ended between two people. "Alien" symbolizes the happiness and serenity of self-acceptance when feeling different from the rest of society. "People Always Leave" expresses the sadness, the feeling of abandonment caused by the people we loved, who decided not to be part of our lives anymore. "Look at You" is the classic love song that can be perfectly dedicated to someone, it symbolizes love and the desire of being with someone. The last track that closes the EP is "Enemy" which represents anger, a feeling unleashed by the distance that prevents two people from being together, generating between the two people continuous conflicts. The EP is born spontaneously, especially the lyrics which in each song tell something different, letting us coping with our feelings.

Daydream” is an incredible track and we loved the new music video! What emotions were necessary to channel when creating this particular song?

In our EP are told positive and negative emotions, and Daydream is one of those songs which expresses a negative emotion, as said before, letting us coping with our feelings and our lives turning every everyday experience in the art (in this case, negative ones). A truly beautiful feeling especially when other people reflect on what you write.

What was the concept for the music video? What was the filming process like?

We opted to use the double exposure to materialize emotions and feelings into a "Daydream" through the four natural elements: earth, fire, water, and air. Filming this music video was as easy as fun since we made it in a garage with the help of our friends.

What is the pop-punk music scene like in your hometown? Do you think you’re able to reach your full potential in your current city?

In our hometown, there's a little pop-punk scene with a small community searching for its identity. Our main goal is to bring our music outside Italy.

What’s next for Away From Here?

Right now we're writing new stuff for our new EP, releasing it before the end of 2020 hoping to play in other Europe countries.



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