Check Out The Party Track “Touch The Sky” By Taylor Mosley And Nico Brey

Coming from a musical family, being a singer/songwriter/producer/DJ was always in Taylor Mosley’s DNA. Creating music for over 20 years, the veteran artist started modestly with a pen and paper. He taught himself the piano and began adding his own melody to the words on his paper. Being a very versatile and creative artist, Mosley is an individual that stands out because of his ability to write in a multitude of genres. After a sabbatical from DJ'ing to focus on producing and writing, Taylor is once again behind the turntables. Mosley is always working, submitting to placement opportunities, collaborating with other artists/producers and working on his own music.

Working together with producer, Nico Brey, Taylor Mosley releases the club dance track “Touch the Sky” and we’re loving it. There’s no doubt that this track is being bumped in clubs and poolside all over the country. It’s high energy from start to finish and exudes positivity and good vibes only. “Touch the Sky” is equipped with bouncing melodies, a catchy hook and is a complete summer anthem. Taylor’s vocals are hypnotizing and keep the theme upbeat and addicting. We’re completely entranced by the contemporary sound arrangements that Taylor and Nico have crafted together. I highly recommend that you add this to your playlist, I know I am. Stay on the lookout for more from Taylor Mosley and Nico Brey! 

Check out “Touch the Sky” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! How do you believe growing up in a musical family shaped you as an artist? 

Well first and foremost, having the natural ability already there; that could be cultivated and relentlessly worked on. 

I was also exposed to so many different genres of music growing up, which I believe helped me become versatile as a songwriter.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw from them for inspiration?

I have so many from childhood to now, I’ll touch on a few, but with a focus on the artists that have influenced me in the EDM genre; since we are discussing “Touch the Sky”

*Martin Garrix- when I first got into EDM, he was one of the first I was really drawn to. His style, was something I definitely wanted to write over.

*Zedd- again, very melodic which I love and thrive on. Inspires new ways to approach a track, when it comes to melody and even lyrical content.

*Usher- I grew up listening to Usher, so he has definitely influenced me. I love the melody and rhythm choices, and I try to implement a little bit of him and RNB in

my EDM works. I think it creates a cool vibe, that stands out amongst so much great music out in the world.

*Ne-Yo- my songwriting hero, he is so versatile. When I really started to get serious about songwriting, not just being an artist; I found out how many artists Ne-Yo has

written for. Not just in RnB, but crossing over genres. So I started working on writing in multiple genres, which in return helped me transition pretty well into EDM.

What do you want your listeners to take away from a track like “Touch the Sky”?

I want them to smile the whole time it’s playing and even after. It’s a feel good song, so I hope it makes them feel super happy and optimistic.

What's the meaning of the lyricism in “Touch the Sky”?

This song isn’t one that needs to be dissected, and/or interpreted :). When I first heard the track, it immediately took me to a festival setting. This song is a song you’ll want to

play at a party. Simply put, good vibes.

Can we expect more collaborations with Nico Brey?

Yes, absolutely. We have been working together for the past 9 years on projects and don’t plan on stopping.

What’s next for you?

MORE music, always. Constantly releasing songs with producers, it works out to where I have a new release on average every other month or so.

I worked on a Lionsgate movie, Bernie the Dolphin; where I wrote 4 songs for the film. That is set to come out in December of this year, 2019.

And hopefully sooner than later, you will hear a song written by yours truly; released on a global level, as I am constantly demo’ing for some pretty darn big

EDM producers with the help from my publisher, BMG.


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