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Check Out The Underhill Family Orchestra Progressive Pop Hit “When The Trumpet Sounds”

Bonded like family and dedicated to spreading a message of love and unity are what The Underhill Family Orchestra from Alabama are all about. Their unique sound is a modern fusion of southern new orleans style and progressive pop. Comprised of five members with individual and expansive skill-sets, The Underhill Family Orchestra will have you wanting to sing and dance your heart out.

The Underhill Family Orchestra have a debut album titled “Tell Me That You Love Me” that was released May 2018 and this includes one of their many hits “When The Trumpet Sounds”. This piece is a light-hearted classic rock sound with a southern twist! Lead vocalist Steven Laneys voice is deliberate and smooth. The 4-part harmonies almost give it an acapella feel and the soul-filled lyrics are an anthem for the young at heart. The foot-stomping tune “When The The Trumpet Sounds” is a perfect example of the camaraderie and togetherness that this group stands for. One part that stands out to me is the hook before the last chorus, “If my body falls asleep and never comes back to, I’m on my way to you”,  this powerful lyric resonates with me in a mysterious way. Of course he’s speaking to God, but I like to think it could be him speaking to a lost lover. I think that The Underhill Family Orchestra strives for their fans to interpret and relate to their songs in whichever way they feel is right. “When The Trumpet Sounds” put a positive spin on a song about the end of it all. The Underhill Family Orchestra spread positivity, unity, togetherness, and an overall family like bond. The music video for "When The Trumpet Sounds" is just the cherry on top of this overall incredible group. With so much success already, we’re dying to see what The Underhill Family Orchestra delivers next!

Check out "When The Trumpet Sounds" here. Read more with The Underhill Family Orchestra below!

Hey guys! We love your sound. Can you start by introducing yourselves?

We’re The Underhill Family Orchestra! We’re Steven, Joelle,  Ben, Joe, and Roy. 

How did you all meet?

A few of us met in our college years and started playing as a 3 piece at open mics and such. Eventually we added more folks, went through some lineup changes, and became what we are now. The 5 of us have been together for about 5 years now. 

Why do you think all your unique backgrounds and sounds work so well together?

Our individual music tastes and backgrounds combine to create something really unique. Each person in the band brings a different element to the song which makes it sound like us. If you have 5 people coming together with different influences, you’re going to get a genre-blended dynamic that isn’t mimicking one band or one type of sound. 

Where did the name The Underhill Family Orchestra come from?

We wanted to incorporate a feeling of togetherness in the name. We’re a bunch of friends coming together to play music, and friends are your chosen family. The name Underhill was derived from a few ideas and it’s also an old family name on Stevens side. 

When would be your dream place to perform as a group?

We all have our own favorite venues we’d love to perform: The Ryman, The Tabernacle in Atlanta, etc, but we just love to play wherever there are people who love music and who engage with you in stage. We really love playing festivals and getting to play for larger audiences who are really excited about new music.

Will you be releasing another album in the next year?

We will definitely be recording our sophomore album soon. Within a year we’ll probably have the first single rolling out. 

What's next for you through 2019?

We’re writing and working on a lot of new music for the next album. We’ll be playing shows as well but our main focus is making more music to follow “Tell Me That You Love Me”. 


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