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Check Out This Explosive Hip-Hop Trio TNT And Their Newest Track “Worth It”

TNT (Triumph Never Tarnish) is comprised of talented artists Supreme, Skulli and Sly Spitta. This young hip-hop trio was born and established in Brooklyn, NY. TNT uses witty lyrics, dope beats, and their unique styles to paint inspirational pictures and bring aspirational stories to life. Lyricists, vocalists, entertainers, producers, and engineers, TNT is an independent powerhouse. Over the course of their careers, TNT's electrifying performances let to them opening for recording artist Joe Budden in front of hundreds at SUNY Potsdam. TNT has performed at several venues across NYC, including the legendary SOB's. they also brought their Brooklyn charm to the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. As TNT continues to expand its audience, stay on the lookout!

“Worth It” is another hip-hop smash, fusing high energy, multi-layered beats, with a heavy bass-line and a quickly confident, easy-going subject matter and performance. It’s is an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. TNT drives with a simple lust for life including catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism, and style. This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cements TNT’s sound and approach as artists. “Worth It” is a song that connects a little more strongly with every few moments that pass by, and with each new revisit. That carefree swagger drives things along in an appealing way, reminding you there’s a musical connection at the heart of TNT’s work and their reasons for making summertime bangers. 

Listen to “Worth It” here and read more with the members of TNT below! 

Hey TNT Congrats on the release of your new single “Worth It”! What does this song represent for you? 

The song isn’t deep it’s meant to be fun and entertaining. Letting girls know if you worth it ima work it. Spend it all on her lol 

How did TNT form?

TNT formed in High School in Sly basement in 2009. Just dudes trying to do something that they all had love for. Didn’t even think 10 years later we would have been taking it to this level, but we’ve been thru a lot learned a lot and have more work that needs to be done 

Where is the best setting to listen to “Worth It”, and what do you hope people take away from it?

Best place worth it should be played is in a back yard bbq or even a gym vibe. The take away is that there's men out here that’s willing to give it all to a girl that’s worth it’s. Just be your great self and get to that bag lol

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

I would say hold you down. It’s on SoundCloud, its free fun and something people on both sides could enjoy.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to talk about? What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

No shows as of yet but we are focusing on dropping a few singles and letting people in into what and how we create


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