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Check Out This Light-Hearted And Alluring New Release “Burn” By Anna Volpe

New York City native Anna Volpe is a singer/songwriter known for the storytelling aspects in her music. Indie/pop songs with atmospheric melodies, alluring lyrics and powerful vocals are her specialty. An experienced artist, Anna has a much anticipated EP titled “Call My Name”, set to be released June 21, 2019. The EP showcases her exploration and experimentations with different musical landscapes, diving deeper into her passion for music.

Her latest single “Burn” is a peek at what’s to come from her new EP. The song is a light hearted love anthem. The strings and light percussion make this a foot tapping tune that instantly get stuck in your head. The layers of electronic sound arrangements are proof of Anna Volpes unique aesthetic and ideas. This song is inspired by the quote “Don’t be a spark, be the whole damn fire.” and that theme is carried on throughout the entire song. “Burn” speaks to its listeners and the intricate lyrics can be interpreted differently depending on how you choose to hear them. Anna Volpe’s voice is completely intoxicating to the point of hypnotism. Her range, polished melodies and awakening tones are incredible. “Burn” is mesmerizing and spectacular. Let it paint a soundscape in your mind and take you on a journey through Anna’s vivid and classical storytelling. I recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for her new album!

Listen to "Burn" here and get to know more about Anna Volpe below!

Hi Anna! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your introduction to music?

I am a indie-pop artist based in NYC (also born and raised in NYC)! My introduction to music is a little different than most - I was raised on classical music and I grew up learning and being apart of the classical arts world through my parents who both had careers in the classical arts. I then started to find my own voice and taste in music as I older -- having an interest in various styles but always consistently gravitated towards pop/singer-songwriter music.

Who were your biggest musical influence growing up?

I would say my biggest musical influences growing up were Nina Simone, Norah Jones, and any and every early 00s pop-punk band! My musical influence definitely ranged but I especially looked up to Nina Simone because she was one of the first female artists I ever heard that had a lower singing voice and I specifically remember thinking wow I finally found a female artist that has a low voice like me! It was a very inspiring moment for me.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics of “Burn”? What inspired it?

"Burn" was inspired by a quote I came across a few years ago which said - "Don't be the spark, be the whole damn fire" and I actually made me think about how when we talk about people finding love and that there was a 'spark' between the two of them. But then I thought when love is that strong, it can be more than a spark, it can be the whole damn fire.  "Burn" is a song about the feelings we have when we first fall in love and how everything can change for a person when that happens.  The production of "Burn" provides such a deep landscape for the song and where the classical instruments, violin and cello, play along with the bass synth keys in a very seamless way. The song for me represents the relationship between the old and the new (in regards to music // musical instruments). I wanted to incorporate classic instruments that I have grown to love with my fairly new interest and passion for more modern sounding instruments to make "Burn."

What’s three things you want your fans to know about you?

hmm I want fans to know that I am releasing my debut EP album, "Call My Name" on June 21st and will be having my album release show at Berlin NYC on June 28th at 7pm. I also want fans to know that I love dogs (maybe a little too much!)

What theme and general energy can we expect from your new EP?

The energy for "Call My Name" somewhat changes throughout the EP but it's relatively pretty high which I think has to do a lot with the production of the album. The themes range from love to heartbreak, to finding adventures, to finding and accepting yourself. All of these themes are apart of bigger stories and emotions that I have either felt or gone through in the last several years. This EP represents a big milestone for me as an artist and even as a person so I am really excited for everyone to hear it and to hopefully find themselves in one of these songs too. 


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