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Check Out Toronto Hip Hop Artist RYAN LAKEBREEZE’s Release “Pushy"

RYAN LAKEBREEZE is a Toronto based rapper and songwriter whose music is filled with expertly thought through flow, the grit of street reverence, and obstructing traffic with his menacing but monotone rhythm. The music that RYAN LAKEBREEZE creates will have you hiding under the covers and this is something that is evidently found in his latest release “Pushy”.

“Pushy” opens up with an esoteric vocoded vocal that sits over the top of a deep Moogy pulsing bass that slowly builds up the energy to get our bodies moving to the beat. Once RYAN LAKEBREEZE’s vocals enter, we were thrown into a black hole of deep vibes and attitude. There’s a slightly creepy atmosphere to this one, something about the incredibly direct and straight vocal performance overtop of the deep patient backing track makes for an experience that will easily start to get in your head. “Pushy” features moody synths and effected background vocals, a deep bass, a modern but organic 808 drum kit, and of course to sell the show is RYAN LAKEBREEZE’s ultra-deep, gritty vocals that tell us about the people that push onto others the things they don’t have. We are loving this release and can’t wait to hear what is next to come from RYAN LAKEBREEZE.

You can find “Pushy” here.



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