Check Out UK-Based Band Cheekbone’s debut EP “Show Me Something”

Hailing from the seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare, UK band Cheekbone pack a fresh blend of modern pop hooks with the character and energy of the 60s rock that first inspired them. Made up of Ernest Gorka, Lou Raymond, Stell Kousiounis and Nick Joules, the band divides their time between their hometown and London with their debut EP “Show Me Something” playing like a collection of postcards.

Stylishly merging distorted guitar riffs and captivating vocals, Cheekbone bursts onto the scene with character and power. “Deflect” is not only creatively refreshing and musically hard-hitting, but it’s also been written in a fascinating and skillful manner. The songwriting makes for something that easily satisfies. The structure, the build-up, the contrast between the verses and the hook all adds impact and makes certain you remember it. On top of everything, Cheekbone presents an unquestionable level of energy through their music. The stage is theirs entirely as they perform and craft the soundscape around you. “Deflect” is a full-feeling ambiance, loaded with detail and power, yet Cheekbone always seems clearly united as a band. All in all, it’s the details that make “Deflect” a hit. Every element has been thoughtfully and professionally incorporated, and you can tell that a live performance would be intense and brilliant. A band well worth stumbling upon.

Listen to “Deflect” here and read more with Cheekbone below! 

Hey Cheekbone! Welcome to BuzzMusic. How did Cheekbone originally come to fruition?

Ernest: We met through a strong passion for music and were all into the same thing but were kind of competing with each other in different local bands, then me and Lou started writing songs together in my garage and putting them online. It started to turn a few heads and we knew we had something to take seriously, we brought Stell in a month later and Nick the drummer and Keenan the bass player 2 months after.