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Check out Will Wolfe’s new LP “Back Seat Driver”

Talented artist Will Wolfe is making a name for himself out of Oakland, California. Writing, playing, recording and producing everything himself, Will has had an incredibly productive 2019. Releasing singles every few weeks throughout the year to gain traction for his LP “Back Seat Drive”, Will Wolfe is as ambitious and independent as they come. A singer/songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and kid at heart, he has swiftly amassed a large fanbase and following. Not only has Will released a plethora of new music but he also dropped new visuals for his single “Saying Goodbye”.

The video is an absolute pleasure to witness, it feels as if you’re getting a taste of what a live show from the young up and comer would be like. With thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Will Wolfe makes music that can relate to both his own life experiences and the life experiences of his ever-growing fan base. He brilliantly captures nostalgic feelings sonically, and emotional feeling lyrically. With a year like Will Wolfe has had this 2019, he is absolutely the one to watch going through to 2020. Listen to Will Wolfe’s music here and read more below! 

Welcome back Will Wolfe! It’s always a pleasure catching up with you. What have you been up to since you released your LP “Back Seat Driver”?

After I dropped back seat I pretty much went straight back to the drawing board. I wrote and recorded saying goodbye after a very relaxing 2-week break (ha). I could tell I knew what I was doing a little bit more now and I bought a few new goodies for the studio, so I was pretty excited with how that song turned out. Back seat driver was really just me teaching myself how to do all this stuff. I have it down to a personal science. I don’t think a sound engineer would write home about any of it, but if it works it works? yeah. 

What's the most integral element to your music that you find is always integrated into the tracks you released this year?

Definitely the guitar. Although I do put it down for a few songs on the new LP, it always sneaks in there. It's my primary instrument, and one of my favorite things to record. So yeah, you’ll find the guitar in just about every one of my songs. I think.

You present yourself as a really versatile artist! “Saying Goodbye” has an upbeat yet mellow feel, while your more recent release “Project 21” is very melancholic and beautiful. What trend can your listeners expect from your next track?

Yeah, I do notice myself swerving all over the place genre-wise. I think it has to do with my mood. Sometimes I will try and capture a feeling inside of a song, and go with that. I'm not trying to tunnel vision my content I guess? Whatever I feel like making, as long as it doesn’t suck, I will usually record it. So its all about the moods. Sometimes I do get a little weirded out when I see how all over the place songs on the new album are, but I’m starting to get the picture for how the whole thing is going to come off, and I’m pumped.

Can you talk about your music video for “Saying Goodbye”? What was the filming process like?

Saying goodbye. After I finished that song I knew it was one of my favorites, and I knew it needed a whacky fun video to go with it. So one summer day a few of my friends (also bandmates) drove out into the woods, set up a drum set, piano, and whatnot and just went. It was pretty focused for like 10 minutes. Then we started running around doing all sorts of weird stuff. Some of it actually ended up in the video so I guess it was all worth it. So yes, the filming process was really laid back and quite fun. I totally want to do another video soon.

As an independent artist, what would you say is the biggest challenge you predominantly face within the music industry?

I would say press stuff. But here we are! Honestly, I have been in and out of talking with a few labels in the past and there just hasn't been a team I feel is motivated enough and would put the same energy I put in. Booking is tough at times but independent artists are the name of the game these days. Not that I would be against working with the right label. The very key word there. “Right”. I feel like being your own boss is always the way to go, so as of now I would say booking and social media image stuff. It can be tough. 

Thank you so much for catching up with us! We’re always looking forward to hearing more. How has your sound developed or changed since your debut single?

Debut album* and a lot. Most of it comes from the production side. As I learn more my songs become better, and now I find myself in a cycle of recording new songs and cutting old ones because the new ones are just way better (speaking to the new album). But I know it’ll be done soon. People can expect it is very very very early 2020. My sound is always changing, I have so many inspirations that sometimes I record songs that are super “not me” but I end up doing it anyway because I just love to do it. 


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