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Chefboy Tyree Teaches Listeners About Growth with "Old Life"

Chefboy Tyree is the type of Rap/Hip-Hop artist that persists with embedding thought-provoking lyricism with laidback productions. Artistically, Chefboy Tyree successfully meshes together a variety of motives and emotions into his tracks, usually keeping the themes steady and true to himself. Chefboy Tyree's latest track release, "Old Life," does exactly this, and touches on different levels of growth.

The beat within "Old Life" smoothly integrates itself into Chefboy Tyree's performance, and we find that it's similar to many contemporary mixes within the music scene today.

The music video for the track follows a day in the life of Chefboy Tyree at the beginning and swiftly progresses into a more psychedelic visual. Chefboy Tyree keeps the general ambiance low-key for the majority of the track, keeping it consistent with the lyricism and direction of the track.

The visuals go hand in hand with Chefboy Tyree's truth, and he keeps listeners captivated by consistently switching up the graphics. "Old Life" is comparable and similar to other tracks from Chefboy Tyree, and it only proved that he's able to maintain a certain kind of atmosphere across his singles. He's choosing his ultimate path music-wise and stimulating listeners in a lax sense, and we're definitely looking forward to what he'll be able to come up with next.

Hello Chefboy Tyree and welcome back to BuzzMusic. What kind of energy were you hoping to give listeners with your recent release of "Old Life"?

I was hoping to give people HOPE. The old them or their "Old Life" doesn't define who they are or have grown into today. Some people grew from trying times in their past and can't see themselves going back to that version of themselves.

As an artist who enjoys delving into motivational and empowering messages within your own music, how did you feel "Old Life" lifted up listeners?

I feel like old life can keep someone from backtracking in their life and to keep pushing them to create a better version of themselves every day.

How did the visions for the visuals come to fruition with "Old Life"? Did the music video end up matching the initial vision you had?

The visuals for my old life came from my everyday life. If you watch this video you will see what my daily life is. I get home every day and go to the studio to create a new life for myself.

What kind of music can listeners expect in the future? Are more sounds similar to "Old Life"?

In the future listeners can expect a wide variety of styles and beats. I'm trying new things and stepping outside of my own comfort zone to create new sounds and new vibes that I hope people can get down with. My uncle "Alabama Nick" and my cousin "Salembound Joshi" who I work with daily in the studio keep me on my toes with different beats and new styles they want to try. All of our styles are different so people can expect a lot of different styles in the future for my music. I have more vibe-heavy tracks like old life in my arsenal! You just have to keep checking my releases because at this point you never know what style I'm coming with! It might be a hype turn up or it might be a deeply emotional track. You just never know!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

In 2020 my main motivation is to play some shows. We all have been quarantined due to COVID-19 and no one is playing shows or going to shows. I want to come out of this with enough content to take on the road and share what I have been cooking up with the world!


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