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Chefboy Tyree Tells Us About Self-Confidence In “Thicky Vicky"

The Alabama-based Hip-Hop artist with roots in Pittsburg, Chefboy Tyree recently released his chart-topping single “Thicky Vicky,” and it is an absolute bop.

It is opening up with a mystical bell melody that pulls us into a mysterious world that then hits us in the gut as soon as the verse hits. Currently charting at placement #5 on the Mass Pool Hip-Hop chart, “Thicky Vicky” is a tune that from start to end, is full of energy and drives us to dive deeper into the lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics in “Thicky Vicky,” Chefboy Tyree hides within his tight, masterful flow that message about gaining your own confidence and giving it your all, no matter how you look and how someone may judge you.

A lot of listeners may find comfort in these lyrics, and if Chefboy Tyree can change the life of even one person, we’ll count that as a win in our book. Chefboy Tyree can correctly sell his message along with the help of some seriously thundering 808 drums and twinkly synth bells.

Breathing on top of the instrumental is, of course, Chefboy Tyree’s silky smooth vocals that dynamically blend in the perfect amount of autotune effects to help each lyric flow into the next. “Thicky Vicky” is a song for people, and anyone will be able to learn something about this tune and aim to become more confident with themselves.

You can listen to “Thicky Vicky” here.


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