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Chelsea Silva Rises From The Underworld In “Hades Has A Daughter”

Chelsea Silva is, above all else, true to herself. Based in Sydney, Australia, the 22-year-old artist refuses to whitewash her art. Although she could pretend everything is fine and dandy, Silva balances experiences of perseverance and personal aspirations and reclaims her power with experiences of grief, mental illness, abuse, and misogyny to create music that ultimately showcases the beauty and ugliness of life.

Simply put, Silva refuses to limit her artistic values in any way, shape, or form. Drawing inspiration from longtime muses Alec Benjamin and Dodie Clark, Silva’s creative output effortlessly spans several genres, with alternative, indie, and pop at the forefront. Furthermore, Silva utilizes her authentic and genuine style of lyricism with her distinct vocals to create a musical style that just as easily embodies light and grace as darkness and angst.

“Hades has a daughter” is an extension of Silva’s artistic ethos. Over haunting chimes and a sonically groovy beat, Silva weaves a cautionary tale. Although our titular focus may have Hades as a father and the big bad wolf as a companion, lines like “She twists and bends and breaks the story” and “Hades has a daughter, she is only out for blood” indicate that Hade’s daughter has both the power to write her own story and the skill to be as dangerous and worthy as the company she keeps.

Although authenticity is increasingly hard to come by, Chelsea Silva continues to release music that is both sonically pleasing and completely true to her vision as an artist. “Hades has a daughter” stands testament to that; with an unnamed titular heroine who nonetheless commands our respect by the end of the song, Silva shows us that even the nameless have power.

Chelsea Silva’s “Hades has a daughter” is an authentic, groovy breath of fresh air. We can’t wait to see what’s next for her, and look out for new music by Silva at the end of the month.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chelsea. We have to say. We loved “Hades has a daughter”! It was cool to see how you mixed vibes of darkness with groovy beats and vocals. We have to ask, what was your inspiration behind “Hades has a daughter,” and did you see some parts of yourself in her?

Thank you for having me! My inspiration came from an experience in high school when I was still trying to figure out my identity. This experience made my romantic rejection of another woman turn into a question of my identity. I am a proud bisexual woman, but this changed what could have been a safe space into a toxic and rough environment. What could have been a shorter journey turned into a five-year-long one. I hope my song inspires queer youth to stand up for themselves and let them know they are the only ones with a say in their identity. You mentioned Alec Benjamin was a big inspiration to you. As an artist, what aspect of their music did you appreciate the most, and how would you say they’ve influenced your own evolution as an artist?

How they use a story-telling lyrical style and the way they influence the indie pop genre amazes me. Their vulnerability in telling their life and their experiences are breathtaking to me. The strength needed is hard to come by. Alec and Dodie’s music are my favorite forms of musical expression that I hope to fit into my career.

One thing that stood out about your music was the desire to be completely true to yourself and your story. What made you “show both sides,” aka the good and the bad, and how important is this balance to your music?

There are two sides to a coin. There are two sides to every story. It’s an interpretation of what the audience may be feeling. Are they the oppressor or the oppressed? Are they the bully or the victim? It's a way to tell both sides from only one point of view. I could only do this as it's my human experience of only knowing my truth, my side of the story. I hope this way of storytelling encourages people to be more open-minded to both sides of stories. This way, we can try to understand fully.

You’re based in Sydney, Australia. What are your favorite things about the city and the music scene there?

The music scene is amazing! So much life and light in our communities. We can truly come together to help each other. I feel so special to know many musicians and producers in my city. We inspire each other to be better and do better as musicians. I personally love the landscape and the unique indigenous story our country has! I recommend Australia as anyone's holiday destination! You have some new music coming out at the end of the month! What does it mean to be able to bring this music to your fans, and what’s next for Chelsea Silva? It means the absolute world to me. This is making my twelve-year-old self's dream come true. I am so thankful to have the support I have. I may have a few tricks to reveal after my single is released. You can find out on my social media! You can follow my musical journey on @chelseasilvamusic on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!


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