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“Chemical Imbalances” By Alayna Sheds Light Hearted Attention On Mental Health Issues

Originally from Butler, PA, country artist and eclectic songwriter Alayna is delivering her expert lyricism and authentic sound from Nashville, TN. She has been chosen as a CMA Emerging Artist, and had her own booth at the popular CMA fest. She has won multiple songwriting awards such as TSAI’s Song Of The Year, Songwriter Of The Year, and Female Songwriter Of The Year for the last 3 consecutive years. She has played popular venues such as Nissan Stadium, The legendary Bluebird Cafe, and Hard Rock Cafe to name a few.

Highlighting the importance of discussing mental health issues while keeping things light hearted, Alayna proves her undeniable talent through her quirky lyricism in “Chemical Imbalances”. A track that includes heavy subject matter about Alayna’s visit to a hospital when she was young and they did some tests and told her she has a hormonal imbalance. Through trial and tribulation, Alayna was able to find what medications worked for her and she sheds light on the fact that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. “Chemical Imbalances” gives an honest and yet tongue in cheek look into the life of someone dealing with mental health issues. The song was co- written along with Nashville writers Adam Kowal & Scott Barrier. Alayna does a masterful job of combining a light hearted lyrics with a heavy and serious subject that, unfortunately, many people can relate to. An admirable quality, Alayna is skilled at being vulnerable and putting her raw, authentic, self on display in order for her listeners to relate. 

I highly recommend you check out “Chemical Imbalances” here!



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